Surge Chain Ferry hull launch and roll 2 days ago   00:57

letting mooring buoy anchor chain go

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Why is this in my recommended page?
Frank McConnellogue
Rust never sleeps
many years ago i was late on my rent on my slip $500 they chained my boat to the dock my friend came down cut the chain and took it
Dave Pawson
And idiots in the comments. You clean a chain by using chain cleaner. Duh!
Chain reaction
heat cliff
You stupid. You put the chain over board.
Marvin Werner
"People will have flying cars in 2017" *chops chain with an axe*
Give me a HORAH. The other guy: "whooooo"
It’s not jack so keep scrolling
I wasn’t even born yet when this video came out
Michael G
That hard hat will really help if that chain whips him on the noggin. Safety first.
Stephen Klick
Give me a hoohaaa! wooooot! Good enough.
phillip james
my mother-in-law floss with chain like that
"Gimmie a hoorah!"

He said give him a hoorah not a woah you sack of shit I swear the disrespectful level 😂😂😂
Lord Ochlejmord
Wasted 100ton of steel ?
Richard Stubblefield
That's the same size of the chain I have attached to my leg I've been married 43 years
Mike Haggar
Gonna break my rusty chaaaaiiiiin
Yeah... That looked like it had the potential to F somebody up. Glad he knows what he is doing. I'd likely been crushed and dragged over that rusty dusty edge.
David's Favorite Videos
Only one end of the chain was anchored, the other end was just tied to a ship mooring loop with nylon rope. It didn't appear to be fastened to the harbor bouy.
Mergrew 01
Call that a chain, I got a bigger one on my pocket watch! And it's not rusty.
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Ferry hull launch and roll Surge Chain 2 days ago   03:00

Launch of ferry hull then roll over at Conrad Industries