Worlds biggest dually crushes World's MOST EXPENSIVE car wash 1 day ago   10:12

“That didn’t sound good” 😂 Watch as I continue to SHRED on this mint duramax. HUGE thanks to @yogie.115 and @detroit96diesel for helping with destruction

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Stupidest shit I ever seen.
Jessica Neilson
lol i want tht motor in tht white car xD didnt give up after the beat down xD
Un Known
My fav part is when he stabbed the tires
Bradley Smith
2:50 lmao dumbasses going to get ran over. Life expectancy I'd say 42 yoa
This Far Cry 5 mod looks so fun!
Sonoma County Hooking
I hope you did that in the organic wheat section
Martin Taylor
He looks like a heroin junkie
rich kids
Edgardo Amoros
2:24 he look like Ellis from left 4 dead 2 (Video Game)
joker money
Y'all are stupid dumb asses try to stop from people on their way there good carbs just some good you dumbass. Your beagle sucks
Ands Plays
X Mo
Those damn shank skills 😎
Waka Vevo
It made my nervous when he was under the truck 🤣
برنس البقمي
يا خسارة الكامري ٢٠٠٢ 😞
Cloud White
thats not lamborghinis but its lada
Dennis Taft
not hardly the worlds largest dually but possibly the worlds largest Idiot.
So wide it looks retarded😂
Caleb Ash
you obviously won that call out
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World's MOST EXPENSIVE car wash Worlds biggest dually crushes 1 day ago   04:35

Supercars on the streets - Last week KHK his cars were being taken to a carwash one by one which was the perfect time to see them all on the move, sadly the Porsche 918 Spyder and Mclaren P1 followed later on and I had to go.

Enjoy the video!

Lamborghini Centenario, Bugatti Chiron, Ferrari Laferrari

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