Grandad's Postbag 181119 Photographic Getting Started with LIDAR 5 months ago   05:00

Grandad's Postbag 181119 Photographic paper Geared motors. The paper cost me £8.49 and the motors cost me £2.97

I am not endorsing these products, I suggest you do your own search as the prices and specifications will vary. I just list the item title and you can cut and paste it into your eBay search. It will probably work on other online stores too.
Kentmere VC Select 5"x7" B&W Darkroom Photographic Paper 25 Sheets Lustre
97F8 Electrical Machine Gear Motor Model Boat Dual Shaft Car Mini Portable

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KTG 10
I like your postbag videos ezpecially about motor stuff
Do you know the motor to axel ratio ? Just wondered. : )
Harumi Kagaya
Sir what is your time right now is it morning or what
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Getting Started with LIDAR Grandad's Postbag 181119 Photographic 5 months ago   47:27

LIDAR units provided by DFRobot -
Full Article at
More Projects at


Today I’ll be introducing two inexpensive LIDAR devices that you can start experimenting with. These devices were provided courtesy of DFRobot, they are VERY inexpensive considering their capabilities. Visit their store at to see these and other LIDAR units.

The first device is the TF Mini, a simple stationary LIDAR devices that uses a focused infrared beam to accurately measure distances from 30 cm to 12 meters (1 to 40 feet). This compact and easy to use unit contains its own processor and can scan up to 100 times a seconds.

I’ll show you how the TF Mini is configured and how to use it with an Arduino, it makes a great addition to a robot and can outperform the usual ultrasonic sensors in many ways.

The second device is no less than amazing, it’s the RPLIDAR device from Robo Peak. This s a full 360 degree scanning LIDAR unit, just like you’ve seen on the top of self-driving vehicles. The possibilities in robotics for a device like this are literally endless.

I’ll first test out my RPLIDAR using a PC and some scanning software. After that I’ll show you the basics of hooking it up to an Arduino and we’ll run a little demo sketch.

Here is what we will be covering today:

Two LIDAR Devices - 3:30
How LIDAR works - 6:08
LIDAR vs. other technologies - 9:02
TF Mini LIDAR - 12:11
Logic Level (Voltage) Converters - 13:52
TF Mini with Arduino - 17:23
RPLIDAR - 23:37
RPLIDAR Scanning Demo - 25:43
RPLIDAR with Arduino - 31:40

This is the first video I’ve done on LIDAR but it will certainly not be the last, nor is it the last time you’ll see these two devices. I’m intending to do a few more videos to demonstrate the capabilities of both devices so stay tuned.

I’d also like to thank the folks at DFROBOT for providing these two LIDAR units. They have a wide selection of inexpensive LIDAR units that you should check out on their store at