Gary Clark Jr - This Land Busted - Radio (Official Video) 2 months ago   06:40

Gary Clark Jr.’s official music video for “This Land”
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#ThisLand #GaryClarkJr

Director: Savanah Leaf
Producers: Alicia Martinez, Danielle Hinde, Jason Cole, Devin Sarno
DP: Larkin Seiple
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Colorist: Jason Wallis
Production Designer: Mike Bayer
Production Supervisor: Charles Mulford
Production Coordinator: David Tenczar
Production Company: Doomsday Entertainment

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AF Chives
I am black and I live in the south. I've never had any problems with racism.
Rogan sent me
Austin Goleman
They make it sound like the south had all the slaves go through the history the north had them even after the war south Stoped slavery before the war all the north wanted was money from the south
Kevin Godair
This video is all about the Democratic party I mean plantation party.
FaDe Gator
Also if this land is yours then go to the military and fucking fight for it
FaDe Gator
You actually came for Africa here on are slave ships
Meh, love his guitar work but thats about it. Hes getting further and further from blues w/ each album.
Libby Owens
Goddamn absolute banger 🙏🔥
Christine Auzanne
Christine auzanne J'adore ce clip.Gary est le meilleur guitariste de sa génération,et en plus il chante très bien.C'est mon coup de coeur.THANKS LENNY KRAVITZ de me l'avoir fait connaître.I AM A FAN et I LOVE HIM.
Donald's vlog life
Black power woooooooooooi!!!!!!!!!!!
Sherina Smith
I'm not white or black..but this is some southern rock hip hop Django beat.....I freaking love it!!
Pure race baiting trash
Tristan Davis
I know race is a very big issue in America and I'm black and I have delt with racism but us as black in 2019 we were never slaves and we have to be the bigger person in America and just move because this is what the white man wants . Us to react in a non positive way.
Jason B
Pass the moonshine Dog
Stimulant Beaver
Yup here’s the people keeping racisms relevant in 2019 no you do not remember 1835 and trump supporters are not racist
Theres some plantation towns that still exist where little has changed but the architecture and models of cars
Dennis Garrett
Holly shit a guitar in a rap some black dude knows what real music is & not that fake ass computer shit rappers use now days & you can understand his voice....much awsomeness....i hope thay use this song in a Uncle Ruckus movie
Thomas Jefferson
Let the hate go already. Sins of the father do not belong to the son, the majority of whites in this country were immigrants post civil war/ fought for your freedom anyways
Chuck Biscuits
Fuck Gary Clark! You make some shit starting bullshit music! This ain’t where you come from!
test channel
Get the fuck off my flag. I'm not racist but I believe there is a difference between black folks and the N word not all people of color are gang affiliated criminals.
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Busted - Radio (Official Video) Gary Clark Jr - This Land 2 months ago   04:19

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