Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks The Best Sports Vines February 2 days ago   09:51

Professor Live
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I was locked ina trance watching this and that kids voice and face threw me off trance 😂 idk whyy hahaa-🤣💀
Ryan Har
is it weird I wanna play against the professor.. I suck at basketball but I just wanna be blessed with this experience
Rolando Nuñez
What's the instrumental from?
Digital Gravity
C’mon man, people out there hooping and this dude went to propose smh
Clutch Kick
Our sale is still on! Hurry in, ankles in all sizes are selling out fast! Get'm while they're hot!
Excuses...there are lots of em.
john huntington
Would be cool if u wore a go pro lol
If i would challenge professor,i will not go home without a broken ankle
Chris Pearce
That was badassss
Greg Griff
You know its bad when he makes you hit the jerk 7:09
G.C Fernandez
Yo! Imma practice that 360 through the legs so much that after the break is over, i'm gonna be able to at least get a better handles.

Wish me Luck!
Sammy Speros
And they said back in the 90's "White Man Can't Jump" dowshbag in your face!!!!!
Sammy Speros
Jesus Christ man, you are amazing, what the hell are you waiting, you should be playing on NBA! GOOD HEAVENS MAN!!!!
D1: I’m pretty shit but I’ll beat him
Professor: Absolutely destroys any trace of an ankles
D1: Nah I haven’t played in like 3 months
fire your barber yo.
Fire Boyz
his last shot tho
Diego The Gamer
“Not sure if I’m going to beat him by 5 or 10”
Then says
“First time I’ve played in 3 months”
Pug lover Florence
I want you to 1v1 Lebron
That was a lot of travelling on the professor's part... oh well, not like anybody else in the audience would notice or care
Ahmed Bazher
your the beast
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The Best Sports Vines February Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks 2 days ago   11:15

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