Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks NBA "RARE" Moves Part 1 1 day ago   09:51

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david yen
Hey no blinkers!?🙂
Jeff Joslin
You should take on this Elephant in a game of horse? Or should I say Elephant!
Wendyl Jade Ortiz
hi im one of your fans lodi #professorfans
Bruno Fortunato
He is The best in Brazil too
Ryan_ Burtoi
7:05 What ur here for thank me with a like 😉
Martin Hackenberg
He’s insane
This guy is making that bank and making them ankles break 😂
Sonny le
Guy: i’ll play you one on one
Also guy: “sees 8 hands”
“Watch his hips! Watch his hips!”
Spider-man in the batmobile
Yea Right
TCP Void
Why doesn’t he shoot threes?
Yepperz Pie
8:58 why he lookin' like the dude from the know the the ice dude.
Allipse gaming
Woah we have a new hero professor batamn XD
Ananay Tyagi
Hi,Professor. I m 15 and a big fan of yours. Eagerly waiting for u to visit india again so that I can feel lucky enough to have met the true basketball champ the world has ever known !!!!! I would be really thankful if u could come to Delhi this time.
Scott Reynolds
Holy fuck! Did ur cousin let a five year old tattoo artist practice on his stupid ass? Seen some fucked up tats! His take the cake!
Riboflavin Folate
Yeah, stuff like this can only be pulled off in 1v1. It's whole different story when you're playing 5v5. You'll just end up getting doubled and forced to pass. That's why this dude is a street freestyle baller, and not a millionaire NBA all-star.
Zayaan Rab
I could've sworn I saw Giannis...
Is it Me?
Start on 4:40

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NBA "RARE" Moves Part 1 Professor 1v1 vs Cocky Hooper... Breaks 1 day ago   05:46

NBA Rare Moves Part 2:
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