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Real Time with Bill Maher
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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.

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Comments 2029 Comments

Jeremiah Watts
Liberals sitting around sniffing each others farts!!! Lame!!!
Damon Garfield
New rule, Bill Maher is a sellout.
steve hollingsworth
Your NOT the GOOD people...
I love the face Seth made when he realized he drank out of Bill's mug
Total Newb 123
TURN OFF YOUR PHONE!!! Best advice I’ve ever heard.
Zombie Killer
This Epstein loving pedophile will be going down very soon :-)
Just want to know ,is our first lady the first hooker in the White House cause donnie is the first clown in the White House
Suzy Siviter
Phones are bad for kids health, its making them lazy, live TV is also bad, books make kids much more intelligent as they grow.
Niall Quinn
America has prevented democracy in A LOT more countries than Russia.
Maher lied when said"Iv been saying for a long time stop relying Mueller to stop trump" and then he says in the end just the opposite "when history called..." proving the point
doyle davis
Truthfully child protective services should go to the borders between America and Mexico and allow the kids asylum it's in the parents home back to Mexico or arrest the parents for trying to commit a crime by crossing the border because at the end of the day Mexico as a country has everything that America has they had corporations moving from America to Mexico basketball teams NBA basketball that goes in play in Mexico NFL football team that goes and played in Mexico at the end of the day the Mexicans at the border or breaking a law they can work hard and pay for their visas to come into America is called a work visa work in America pay American taxes and still send home money for their families the right way instead they come to America get paid under the table don't pay federal or state taxes and say that is inhumane for people to take their kids from them when at the end of the day they're using their kids for temporary visas when they do sneak out here because even if you are immigrant and you're pregnant you will not get turned down at any hospital to have your child if you have that child in the United States of America your child is a United States citizen but you are not and that is the reason why most Mexican women have more than five kids majority of the time because they have temporary visas through their kids we need to take temporary visas when Mexican women or Mexican Father's bring their kids to the border what we need to do is take their kids into America to give their kids a better life as far as the parents go if they did not want their kids to go through what they went through or going through so far and Mexico y have kids send the parents back Sandy kids to child protective services for placement that is the same thing that is done to kids in the United States that parents cannot take care of them and Mexicans are basically stating that they cannot take care of their kids so
doyle davis
When people need to talk about is this the Mexican that are getting their kids took him from them at the border is justified the reason it is justified is because if anyone in the United States are caught using their kids as pawns two for their their own self and life their kids will get to them from them it's called child protective services so what should happen if someone comes from another country and throw their kids in the other country man's face and says it's inhumane to send me back because I have my child with me what does that mean they're using their kids as pawns so what I would do is this I will completely take their kids from them put their kids in foster homes or put their kids up for adoption and seen the parents back to Mexico because at the end of the day Mexico is a country that is becoming great when you look at it basketball games are played NBA basketball games are played in Mexico NFL football games are played in Mexico so it can't be as bad as they're making it scene Taurus go to Mexico all the time so it can't be as bad as they're making a scene they're only coming over here to reap the benefits of minimum wage or wages or three times greater if not four times greater than their wages in most instances they or paid under the table so that means the United States of America cannot get taxes from them because they are not American citizens
That smart lady points out the most important thing, that a better educated public wouldn't be affected by twitter. You idiots are forgetting the best option. Don't use twitter. Don't care. Ignore it. It's meaningless. You don't have to do stupid things just because that's what people do now.
Seth is totally out of his league here. Needs to stick to making potty jokes.
"Can we- the democratic party- stop blah blah blah" -Joy Reid
@ 2:20 Joy "the homophobe but i got away with it because I'm black" Reid literally uses Russia as an example to look to after pushing the "Russia is bad and Trump is their pawn" narrative one election cycle after libs were laughing at Mitt Romney for saying Russia was the biggest geopolitical threat we face. Unreal.
I did hate speech on my YouTube channel, so they stop harassing me and my family and could have a excuse for a fake TV burning yet they are still scared shittless I'm meeting me on TV let alone a court of law and they haven't stopped harassing my family neither.
Dave Chabba
Still wearing your red shoes don't know why America classed you as a comedian nothing funny about you horrible twisted little creep epstien is singing like a bird I hear now that's funny not for you though 😃
Dave Chabba
Alfred Von
Yes there is a telephone T0q the world......
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