Donald Trump holds press Gordon Ramsay Snaps A Knife! 5 months ago   1:25:46

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John Billings
Not sure if he realises he's the President yet. Not the king.
Is he still guarding his tax returns?
Seems the most likely place to find a source of wrong doing
when it comes to the Russians or his real estate.
If it was an ordinary citizen the IRS would just take all his shit
until they got to bottom of it.
My toddler is more mature and less unhinged than him
He repeatedly calls the press "the enemies of the people" (Stalin's expression) so the press should act like the enemies of Trump. They have a duty to uphold democracy and therefore to attack Trump. Every one of them should have gone in there intending to be barred from the White House for their "bad behaviour". They should have SHOUTED TRUMP DOWN! and stopped his grandstanding and his vulgar display of narcissism at every opportunity. For example Sky's own reporter at 45.00 starts to ask him a question. he interrupts 8 seconds later and talks for TWO AND A HALF MINUTES about how he didn't even have a partial loss but a great victory. Except for the CNN guy who did get barred, the rest of them were completely spineless.
Jesus, what a revolting, bloviating piece of orange excreta this man is. How could anyone look at him, and listen to him and think, wow, this is my guy? America is screwed. The world is screwed. I only hope we survive this dark time in the history of democracy. Shameful and dark.
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Gordon Ramsay Snaps A Knife! Donald Trump holds press 5 months ago   04:23


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