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Yes. We know.

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Mikael Nilsson
Little known fact is that Brie Larson actually tried out for another Marvel character before Captain Potatohead.
She auditioned for Groot first but they found her to be to wooden for that role...
I wonder if any of the other white dudes who watched this movie noticed that Nick Fury, badass commander of the avengers with decades of alien hunting under his belt, was regulated to black sidekick who was the brunt of every joke and couldn’t go a scene without doing something silly.

Exactly like feminist romp The Force Awakens.
1:15 they joke, but I legit tried asking my southern American friend to explain it to me and where Canada fits into all of it and when they couldn’t, my midwestern friend laughed at me and tried to teach me their funny accent.
Michael Stevens
Saw in the theatre. More than half of the audience was white males. (I live outside baltimore, it's very diverse here.)

Huh, maybe they're not being misrepresented...that's just THE AUDIENCE
Another one of those movies that is "OK" but the controversy around it made it difficult to just watch it for what it was. I thought it was alright over all. Loved Goose and Samuel L. Jackson:-)
Holden McGroin
Pretty decent movie. Makes me wish I saw Thor 3 and Ant Man 2 in theaters because I also enjoyed them (saw both on Netflix).
Gregorus Prime
White Mousse

You can consolidate every Rotten Tomatoes review for this movie into these 1.5 seconds
Josh Beck
These guys get it, these guys actually have something to say other than the idiots trolling Rotten Tomatoes and the movie.
john doe
You guys tackled this perfectly. Both sides have completely morons. She said stupid stuff and the doors dwelling on it are even dumber.
Full Of Brick
Ant man is top tier origin story MCU, up there with iron man and Guardian. Captain Marvel is Thor levels of OK
I feel like for the tone they were going for, it would have made more sense if the character got their power through hard work and overcoming something like tony stark. He built his first suit out of rocket parts in a cave, meanwhile cap marvel got her powers from just happening to stand too close to an exploding engine. Not really fitting with the feminist tone of "woman overcoming", felt more akin to winning the lottery then turning to the audience and going "You can do it too with hard work!" If they were going to stick with the power reducer "thing", it should have been more of a pressing problem. Not something you forget is even there until the last 15 minutes of the film.
Absolutely based that a Captain Marvel trailer plays half way through this vid.
Y'know... when Jay is the only guy in the world who can remember female actresses and he points out how much he despises Brie Larson it really makes you think....
The whole Captain Marvel nontroversy is pointless and stupid. People take completely wrong interpretations and present them as facts, say that Brie Larson said things that she never actually said and refuse to responsibly criticize. Instead, they hatefully criticize.
Guys calm down Brie Larson doesn't hate white dudes she just really likes dudes of colour
This character appears so boring to me that not only I can't go and see the movie, but I can't get through this review for almost two weeks now. Not that the review itself is bad. Just this fking Marvel shit is becoming so fking boring, I started watching DC movies searching for some interesting superheros.
BP Lup
I loved A Wrinkle in Time when I read it as a kid, as a 31 year old white dude, Brie Larson can fuck off.
Andrew Dangerzone Duggar
Commenting to the statement recommending seeing it to know who is coming to help. Skip the whole movie and just watch the mid credit scene. Tada, that's about as much introduction and development as is in the entire film, but bypassing all the other stupid inconsistencies and lazy writing.
Robert Gaudet
I like how she doesn't care about the opinion of people who read the book. But then she is an actor.
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