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Yes. We know.

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hecking furre

Its funny how Captain Marvel is built up to be this ultimate weapon against Thanos but in endgame she fucks off for 90% of the entire movie, doesn't help the team at all, and then when she does actually fight Thanos she gets her shit kicked in like 10 seconds making this movie pointless.
Ben Radoff
Came for a movie review stayed for the state review
Douglas Jorgensen

*crashes into manure truck*
Gary Kelley
Captain America is still the first Avenger, cause he was around in WWII, long before the 90's.
That Jupiter Ascending comparison is how I feel about the MCU generally. If it didn't have the Marvel stamp, it would be considered average, passable, fun, pointless. I may have to see it just to understand what other people think is "boring" or "bad."
Ullo Jalloa
Once it's drawn to your attention, that amber and teal thing is really prominent in so many movies, especially this one.
Marvel was the first avenger? In spite of Cap? Yeah, this helps prove my point that Marvel has needed someone with a vision to keep everything on track for the 12 years. JJ Abrams has kept the Justice League straight, but Marvel's story and characters have been either all over the place or irrelevant. They needed a show-runner with a vision, and they obviously don't. For a series intended to take 12 years and 30 movies.
Alita: Battle Angel came the weekend after, and it was beautiful!
I feel like that opening skit alone is worth a video. XD Was that the Rorshach and Deadpool song at the end?
Paulo Pereira
27:42 Did you guys miss the fingerprint thing when it was done in Ant-Man? 30:20 Connective tissue? LOL. Captain Marvel wasn't really necessary to the plot at all.
Paulo Pereira
Brie Larson wants teen people of color to review 'A Wrinkle in Time'?
Eric McManus
They completely destroyed the point of the first avengers movie. Nick Fury tells us in The Avengers that we first started making weapons because of Thor coming to earth. That when Thor came to earth, that's when we became aware of life in other places in the universe. Yet now this captain marvel movies completely negates all that.
Eric McManus
Ya know, it's almost like women and people of color have self determination. It's almost like they can decide on their own what sort of life they want. Its almost like they can decide on their own if they want to make a career as a film critic, or an electrical engineer, or a construction worker, or a chef, or...my god... no, I cant say it...a mother? It's almost like telling people of different demographics "hey, the quota has been met for film critics yet. We need more women, blacks, Hispanics, disabled people, etc." is condescending as hell. Who are you to tell people what they should or shouldn't do based on arbitrary quotas that mean nothing? Bigotry of low expectations my friend. You're no different than all the rest of the post modern, neo Marxist, intersectional feminist crazy freaks out there.
“My son, henceforth you shall be known as Jumanji Houseman”
This is the first RedLetterMedia video I've ever seen and I'm confused but also really enjoyed it and he's wearing the same black Converse as I am so I'm subbing.
Riotous Behaviour
Miami is what you get if you put a cocaine sprinkled turd in a humidifier.
Christopher Roe
Except this movie didn't explain why/how the tessaract got to earth. It's on earth in the 40's as Red Skull takes it from whatever tomb it was in, I think Red has a line about Odin bringing it to earth or something. Even after Hydra have it in the 70's it doesn't explain how alien jet inventor gets it though or how it gets back to Hydra
Mike Noga
This is the first episode I ever watched and now I can't stop. Damn you and your low brow enchantment
Mr. Plinkett superior. Captain Marvel inferior.
Just Iron
Now that I think of it why didn't they paint her skin blue? The more brown/ tan it get the more of her humanity she would have got it back. Plus she's still a intergalactic warcriminal and she never apologies.
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It's the new Avengers movie. You're gonna see it.