Global Economic Outlook 2019: Indian stock market outlook 2 days ago   00:59

Goldman Sachs
The global economy looks poised to slow moderately from 3.8% in 2018 to 3.5% next year in Goldman Sachs Research’s view, led by deceleration in the US and further softening in China. But with growth still above potential in most developed economies, Goldman Sachs Research expects continued labor market tightening, gradually rising core inflation, and in many cases higher policy rates. Learn More

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Indian stock market outlook Global Economic Outlook 2019: 2 days ago   06:29

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What is meaning of Sensex in Dollar Terms or Dollex-30 ?....FII's not earned any money from past 10 years on Index terms ,How ?....Indian bull market is not even started in Dollar term...How ?....How it is relevant to follow Dollex instead of Sensex/Nifty ?

Global investors invest in dollar terms and look at their real and potential returns also in dollar terms. FIIs give a lot of importance to the NIFTY chart in US dollar terms and there is a big event which has happened, although very silently.
BIG BREAKOUT! Big event on NIFTY-USD Weekly Chart after 9 yrs! Best times for Indian stocks! BREAKOUT in NIFTY USD weekly chart - Lots of money to be made in INDIAN stock market over next 3 yrs!
Although we may see corrections in 2018 due to political uncertainly till Lok Sabha elections but an extremely bullish view is emerging on the charts and hence it is prudent to keep investing in quality stocks for longer term.
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