Trump Argentina Cold Open Only Trump Can Politicize Forest 6 months ago   06:53

Saturday Night Live
Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) gets an update about the Robert Mueller probe from Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) and Michael Cohen (Ben Stiller), and he confronts Vladimir Putin (Beck Bennett) about his handshake with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia (Fred Armisen) at the G20 Summit in Argentina.

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Comments 2768 Comments

Woods On Woods
These DT skits got me ghost🤦😂♥️
Kirill Sherbaev
Наш мальчик
linda brown
Guili has gone insane...forward flash: he wants to go to ®and hang in a REAL belfry..Mikey's in jail...
Ismail Shah
DEC 1 2018
the day snl sold out to war hawk deep state propaganda and tries to make it look like putin is a bad guy for just having oil negotiations with saudi arabia

while our neocon pigs and neolib retards submit themselves to saudi arabia bloodthirsty babykilling government

NEOCON/LIB: Iran is the state sponsor of terrorrr!!!!!!!!!!!
(while they sell arms to arabs that literally fund terrorists)
Cecily strong is so much hotter than melania
Kamber Kigin
Any excuse to get Beck shirtless lol
Dave Stair
Trump and Baldwin are basically the same guy, imo That's truly the funny thing.
Saman Mudannayaka
Making fun of the biggest criminals in the world. This is comedy gold.
SNL should do a skit of Trump watching THIS SNL skit.
matty bowler
Alec Baldwin does like nationalism yep he think countries that we have died for are a problem let's have open borders that that's not going to be overkill
Dave The Mace
Hollywood Jews that Hate itself...
Ethan Weeter
Sadly Trump does probably sleep with Putin.😂
Marco Silva
One of my favorite sketches! 🤣🤣🤣
Nj Osborne
I prefer Presidents that don’t get indicted😱🤡😱
Juan Lopez
Its fkn hilarious lol
Jesse F
This SNL parody is so funny, thank you SNL.
Tea Mhatre
They Have NO Better Jokes😂😂😂
Tea Mhatre
Very Disrespectful Show .
Bad Examples for Younger Generation.
Don’t they Have any Better Joke ???
Leave The President Alone Plz.
He Has Done Better Job Than Any Previous President . REALLY.
Shames On These Lousy Comedians, They Thought Making Fun Of Our President Makes Them 🥵 Hot 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽
Felony Strutter
If SNL did a full movie about the White House it would get Oscar after Oscar, well as long as a movie about slaves does not come out; I mean you know how those movies about salves are just a shoe in for awards. However Cecily would have to do Pirro and Mrs.Trump
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Only Trump Can Politicize Forest Trump Argentina Cold Open 6 months ago   05:15

During these dangerous and deadly wildfires, Donald Trump is keeping California in his thoughts... thoughts he should probably keep to himself.

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