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Carol E. Strain
Ahem......some of we ladies are left brain.
Hi Jeanne, I'm A Fan Of Yours And I Was Just Wundering When Youn'ses is Gonna Get Some New Material For Your Comedy/Humorist Speeches?... Because I'ins has Seen All Of Them and I was Just Wundering If Their Was Gonna Be A New Video? Well I Suppose!, that's All I Wanted To Ask? Thanks.
Great story.
Donna Cooper
When I was dating my husband, he said to me. I have a very special gift for you. I was excited by this info. I unwrapped it. It was a miniature Frisby.
Sheila Mayer
How about this? Why not try to give Left Brain a list of possible Christmas gifts with pictures of the exact things? That way you will still be pleasantly surprised and he will have gotten you a nice gift that was appropriate.
Michael Hartman
Left brain's brain left.
She is so amazing!!
Victor D
Don't drop hints flat out tell us what you want
If you want to be surprised give us a list that we can pick from that way you won't know what from the list you're getting
Brian Brian
Did you get hurt? I noticed your sitting. I hope not
Kathryn Johnson
I truly believe that we women if there is something we want or need have to buy it ourselves!!! Lol!!! Or write it down on a piece of paper or take a picture then text it to our husbands!!!! Lol!!!!!
Katherine Burbott
35 years of the love of my life. His greatest gift to me, besides our wonderful that he stood by me while I battled 2 kinds of cancer. I beat it.
Thanks be to God, my husband, my son, my friends and the incredible doctors and their's truly a most wonderful Christmas! Wishing everyone the warmth of true love.
Karen Brandenberger
I said to my hubby after one of my gifts, Did you keep the receipt? What do you think he said?? Now I come right out and ask him, Would you please keep the receipts? Thanks Honey. I said. Just have fun and laugh about thingsl Right?
johnny llooddte
grace day
When we first got married, my hubby asked me to write out a list of any gifts I might want for Christmas so he could choose something from that list. Christmas arrived, and whatever it was that he bought for me was not something from that list, and NOT anything that I wanted. I asked him "What happened to the list that you asked me to write out?" His reply was, "I didn't want to buy you something off that list because then you wouldn't have been surprised." All these years later, his big complaint is that I never tell him what I'd like for Christmas, and I just tell him that I can't let him know because then I know I wouldn't get it. Now that we live on a little island with no stores, he just says he couldn't get me anything because there is no place to shop. But we've also gotten to a point where neither of us needs anything, so it really doesn't matter.
D Fuss
I have tried the lists...but being a left brain he does his own thing. After 49 years, I just smile, hug, kiss and thank him for his thoughtfulness. After all he is a left brain and means well. Merry Christmas everyone! !
Fran Apple
I love your stories and I also love the fact that the camera focuses on your sweet husband quite often and he is laughing just like everyone else. I also know it is a given that story tellers..especially comedians , embellish the facts and I bet he spoils you rotten with lovely gifts! But you sure got a conversation started with this one.😊
Tana Lee
God bless you, and allow you to keep telling your stories for many, many more years, Jeanne.
I usually love Jeanne’s stories, but this just made me sad. It wasn’t funny.
Melissa Walker
This is too funny. Back years ago my husband bought me an electric can opener every year for christmas for 5 years in a row. The fifth year I opened it and out of frustration I said "how many damn can openers do you think I need". He took the can opener and said " fine i will never buy you another one". I said thank you. A few years ago my can opener quit, he looked at me and said. Oooo no, no way am i buying you one. The kids have teased us for years about dads gifts to me.
M. Forbes
I absolutely adore you Jeanne Robertson ❤ Thank You for sharing your gift with the world 🌎
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Simple Makeup Tips To Look Jeanne Robertson | Left Brain's 6 months ago   20:45

Doing our makeup as we age is an evolving process and I have ten simple tips that will help your natural beauty shine through to help you look 10 years younger. It's all about application, formula, and technique so I'm starting from the base and going all the way through to the lips. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe!

My Top 10 tricks for a more youthful makeup application:
1. Dewey, light foundation (either tinted moisturizer or sheer coverage)
2. Hide under eye circles or discoloration, along with eyelid primer
3. Highlight cheekbones for a lift and bronzer to hide
4. Light dusting of powder
5. Fill in brows
6. Matte, natural eye shadows
7. Tightline upper lid only and mascara upper lid only
8. Light blush application on cheekbones, not the apples
9. Always line lips to keep lipstick in
10. Lighter shades of lipstick to match liner

Product list:
Garnier skin active BB cream in medium/deep
It cosmetics cc color correcting full coverage cream in medium
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer illuminating
Smashbox photo finish lid primer in light
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in strawburn
Japonesque eyeshadow palette
Kajal Vasanti waterline eyeliner in black
Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara in black
Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent
Jentry Kelly golden Contor chiseled cheek bronzer
benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter
Ulta velvet blush in Princess
NYX retractable lip liner in Nude
Marc Jacobs lipstick “In The Mood”
Lipstick Queen’s Nude Metal lipstick

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This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.