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grace day
When we first got married, my hubby asked me to write out a list of any gifts I might want for Christmas so he could choose something from that list. Christmas arrived, and whatever it was that he bought for me was not something from that list, and NOT anything that I wanted. I asked him "What happened to the list that you asked me to write out?" His reply was, "I didn't want to buy you something off that list because then you wouldn't have been surprised." All these years later, his big complaint is that I never tell him what I'd like for Christmas, and I just tell him that I can't let him know because then I know I wouldn't get it. Now that we live on a little island with no stores, he just says he couldn't get me anything because there is no place to shop. But we've also gotten to a point where neither of us needs anything, so it really doesn't matter.
D Fuss
I have tried the lists...but being a left brain he does his own thing. After 49 years, I just smile, hug, kiss and thank him for his thoughtfulness. After all he is a left brain and means well. Merry Christmas everyone! !
Hollins Wender
I love your stories and I also love the fact that the camera focuses on your sweet husband quite often and he is laughing just like everyone else. I also know it is a given that story tellers..especially comedians , embellish the facts and I bet he spoils you rotten with lovely gifts! But you sure got a conversation started with this one.😊
Tana Lee
God bless you, and allow you to keep telling your stories for many, many more years, Jeanne.
I usually love Jeanne’s stories, but this just made me sad. It wasn’t funny.
Melissa Walker
This is too funny. Back years ago my husband bought me an electric can opener every year for christmas for 5 years in a row. The fifth year I opened it and out of frustration I said "how many damn can openers do you think I need". He took the can opener and said " fine i will never buy you another one". I said thank you. A few years ago my can opener quit, he looked at me and said. Oooo no, no way am i buying you one. The kids have teased us for years about dads gifts to me.
M. Forbes
I absolutely adore you Jeanne Robertson ❤ Thank You for sharing your gift with the world 🌎
Oooh, maybe you could do a T-shirt with an LB on it! I'm married to an LB myself!
Margaret Bedwell
Oh Bless you Jeanne...with RA I just can't handle a manual can opener. I can feel your pain.
Have a Blessed day....better luck this year.
Bonnie Brae
Love this lady! Brilliant, funny, and gorgeous inside and out.
shelia ansley husband is jusssst like that!!!!
Rance - medicine Man
When I see her post a new video it makes me wanna rush out and buy a lottery ticket. That's how lucky I feel when I see a new posting...thx JR...MERRY CHRISTMAS to you because it's just that time of year ...
Mrs. Jeanne Robertson,
Thank you darlin for your Christmas story. You've given me a gift of laughter. The only gift I'll receive. But it made me smile. My Moma used to get mad at my Daddy's gifts. I now know he was left brain. He got her fishing poles, a nice boat seat and a 22 gun. Just so she'd have as nice of a pole as he had for fishing and be comfortable in the fishing boat. AND a gun, just in case she ever wanted to go hunting with him. (Which she never did... ) I hope you and your family have a safe and VERY Merry Christmas darlin!!!
Patricia Russell
Love your stories!🤗
Years ago I read what one couple did for each other for Christmas. I think it was in the Readers Digest... "She" said they each bought themselves what they truly wanted for Christmas, wrapped it up and gave it to the other. When they opened the gift, they were surprised, then only had to exchange with each other. This is what my husband and I have done for years. Our 27th anniversary is December 24, but we have been together over 30 years... It works great for us, you each get what you want and you both get a surprise! Merry Christmas to all of you and Jeannie and Left Brain!
Sarah Fowler
Even if I literally tell my husband what he should get me he forgets. So I just buy my own now. lol
Ms. SFDk
Thank you for all the stories you share. You always bring laughter to my life. Merry Christmas from Palm Harbor, Fl.
Ken Williamson
I told my wife we should just buy our own Christmas present that way we would get what we wanted. She said okay and we didn't set a price so Christmas morning rolls around and I had bought myself a brand new truck. She didn't know I was going to buy a new truck I think she was thinking along the lines of a $100 gift. Well to say the least she was not happy because she had bought herself some cloths and other small stuff. Well come the next year she was ready for me she went out and bought herself a new Lexis. I had bought myself a new bass boat and she said well mine cost more then yours did. Not to be out done I said not really honey because the new RV to pull the new boat will be here next week. That was the last year she let me buy my own gifts lol
Karla Farnsworth
My husband mistakes my rants for hints. With 3 daughters who used 2 towels each per shower then left them in a damp heap on the floor or in a hamper, every towel in our house smelled horrible even straight out of the dryer. I pointed it out sternly and often. For Christmas, he gave me a huge set of towels. I put them away for guests and the next day, I bought myself a new leather coat. Gifts after that were usually sparkly or delightfully fragrant 😂
I knew this was going sideways lol
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Simple Makeup Tips To Look Jeanne Robertson | Left Brain's 5 days ago   20:45

Doing our makeup as we age is an evolving process and I have ten simple tips that will help your natural beauty shine through to help you look 10 years younger. It's all about application, formula, and technique so I'm starting from the base and going all the way through to the lips. I hope you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe!

My Top 10 tricks for a more youthful makeup application:
1. Dewey, light foundation (either tinted moisturizer or sheer coverage)
2. Hide under eye circles or discoloration, along with eyelid primer
3. Highlight cheekbones for a lift and bronzer to hide
4. Light dusting of powder
5. Fill in brows
6. Matte, natural eye shadows
7. Tightline upper lid only and mascara upper lid only
8. Light blush application on cheekbones, not the apples
9. Always line lips to keep lipstick in
10. Lighter shades of lipstick to match liner

Product list:
Garnier skin active BB cream in medium/deep
It cosmetics cc color correcting full coverage cream in medium
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer illuminating
Smashbox photo finish lid primer in light
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in strawburn
Japonesque eyeshadow palette
Kajal Vasanti waterline eyeliner in black
Thrive Causemetics liquid lash extensions mascara in black
Laura Mercier loose setting powder in translucent
Jentry Kelly golden Contor chiseled cheek bronzer
benefit Watt’s Up! Highlighter
Ulta velvet blush in Princess
NYX retractable lip liner in Nude
Marc Jacobs lipstick “In The Mood”
Lipstick Queen’s Nude Metal lipstick

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This video was not sponsored and I purchased all products shown myself.