The Realities Of Trump's Trade War: Fortnite Tutors & Brexit On Fire: 4 months ago   27:26

"Trade wars are good and easy to win," President Donald J. Trump famously tweeted. But how would one really impact everyday Americans?

We traveled across the country and met the manufacturers, people, and competing forces facing the realities of Trump's trade war.

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“Thinking that tariffs are the magical tool that is bringing the entire supply chain, the entire ecosystem, to the United States is a task that’s larger than even Apple could accomplish,” Wiens told VICE News.
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FMF Forsyth
Rotflmao vice has steady gone down the wrong path. They are more concerned with being edgy shock jocks that telling the story without involving their personal opinion.
Dustin S
Vice makes BIAS news. Don't always believe what you here or see from them!
Ken Kunz
The United States used to be producers and now we are consumers. In short, we are fucked, and while I have no use for Trump, he can't be blamed for the situation. This Trickle Down (Trickle on) economics began in the Reagan Administration and continued right through until today.
Jat Senyum
"shhh ..shh.. close your eyes and go to sleep, the world much better without you anyway, uncle sam"
Eric li
America great again ?? America priority?? Fuxx trump u think this world must follow ur rules?? From now on America product chinese ppl will no willing to buy, dun forget who ur big cutomer is china, chinese and china people around the world also spend ur products like apple ,intel ,google ,facebook , car , airplane all is high price product. I chinese from malaysia, u dun understand chinese. No way china will lose trade war with us. Couse our chinese is at almost all around the world. And my next mobile also will huawei.
Joze Jerse
A vice content that isnt complete marxist propaganda? Is such a thing possible?
One thing i learned many years ago, is don't rely upon another person's opinion for anything and to not hang onto their every word for guidance or controversy.
Where is the ten thousand manufacturing plants and the five hundred power plants waiting their chance to join the power! Hey the price of Coke and Pepsi has sky rocketed to over four dollars or a 100% per twelve pack is it just so eight hundred aluminum jobs could be saved! Hey this tariffs generated cost hits every household across this nation!
Yikes. This is why I am getting my CCNA, also doing some powershell work, going to learn linux, and some languages.
America soon will be no super power... Because they accepted their defeats to China
manu mtol
Trump is a fraud and the effects will be felt soon
Patricia M
Trump gets off on trampling the law, the environment, peace agreements, common decency and common sense.
Peter Marusich
Hi I'm an out sider NZ looking in, I agree what Trump is doing, he's balancing the books, the people who are not happy with this are the one's who do not see the long term plan, this is were China's 50- 100 year plan works, I'm sure the government will comed back with solutions for the short fall.
Support your leader, he does know what he's doing.

Good Luck America
Brandy Wasay
I totally agree with TRUMP. There are many other things to consider and this is the reason why Americans will end up the winner in this Trade War. The majority of Americans are just short-sighted. They just don't realize that if there is no trade war, China would have already won.
Cactus Tweeter
Trump may save a few aluminum worker jobs but he is screwing farmers, technology workers. He's going to cause more jobs to be lost then those he's gained back.
mitt nival
This is more than 5 months old, and Trump not only has not won his "easy to win" trade war but also has added more consumer products to his new federal tax scheme, tariffs.

How soon will Trump's new federal tax scheme, tariffs. take back his his "tax cuts" for working Americans ?

This needs to be updated !!!!!
Kalsang Dorjee
I wish all those US companies get ban in China. So they can find new n better and democracy county to invest.
Mike Garcia
Prime minister of canada sounds like bumblebee
Snuff Al Assad
Americans are the dumbest people on earth
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Fortnite Tutors & Brexit On Fire: The Realities Of Trump's Trade War: 4 months ago   22:42

This is the December 12, 2018 FULL EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

2:19 How British Prime Minister Theresa May survived a vote of confidence today

7:42 Since late 2016, the Krassenstein brothers have become masters of the so-called #Resistance tweet — tweets that goad Trump, suggest Russia is behind everything, and call for the president’s impeachment multiple times a day, every day

13:38 The US Senate expected to vote on a penalty for Saudi Arabia - we talk to Rand Paul about why he wants to send a message to Trump

17:42 Fortnite is the game of the moment, but most people aren’t very good at it. VICE News visited a top-ranked Fortnite tutor to try to get better.

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