HILARIOUS Impressionists On Britain and America's Top 10 Most Surprising Auditions America's 8 months ago   14:43

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Donald Trump, Kermit the Frog, even our own Simon Cowell... no one is safe from these talented impressionists! Who do you thinks most accurate?
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Auditions from:
Britain's Got Talent
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/user/BritainsGotTalent09
America's Got Talent
▶︎ https://www.youtube.com/user/AmericasGotTalent

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Tye Cook
The thing I hate the most about these shows is the fake audience with the actors with pre planned responses to the acts, and how the judges act so surprised when being asked to participate in any way....I mean are there people out there who are really so stupid that they think that the judges don't know exactly what's gonna happen?...I can't watch it anymore, I find it quite insulting to my intelligence....
Dirty Water
Love how only British people will find the BGT impressions funny and Americans the AGT, cause I doubt Americans will know the national accident helpline ad.
Darrin Hauxwell
Most were good, apart from the annoying brat at the end doing her farm yard impressions!
Çât Êggs
That girl is gonna get bullied so bad when she is older L
Çât Êggs
Nothin better than cringe
2027 Shayna Staggs
Great now I am craving some cake
Nicky Fraser
The first guy really good
Raiyyan Alam
At the first u said United kingdoms at last u said God bless America
From the thumbnail,I could tell that he was doing Trump 😂😂😂
droneboy 226 / speed god
1st one is definetly my favorite
jam beats
Having that little girl as a kid is akin to giving birth to an entire farm
Wavy Carlito
the last act with the little made me cry not because of laughter but because people actually enjoy that like i can watch a black screen and be more entertained then seeing a girl making noises from animals
Ssa Aaaa
Man I loved the last girl, she was so cute
Starr Company
Simon:Your adorable what would you do with a million dollors sweety?
Little girl:I would give it to my mom so they can put it with the 90million that they have in they're bank account already😉🤣👍🏿
( my daddy promised me a zebra next)
Elif Feyza Varol
Simon is so pedantic.. Just wait a second before judging too early and let the man do a bit of his act before hitting the buzzer. He is really being annoying with his know-it-all behaviours that he has all the time.
Luyson Deadlock
Last one was cringe..Wy?
Brits sayshut up a lot. Ivery hard lafing there.l I was not happy living there
Ruben Gonzalez
Miley Cyrus got me😂🤣
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Top 10 Most Surprising Auditions America's HILARIOUS Impressionists On Britain and America's 8 months ago   26:15

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