How to turn negative thinking into Overcoming Insecurity and Self-Doubt 6 months ago   03:12

Best-selling author and life coach Martha Beck explains how you can turn a negative thought pattern into a positive outlook.

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Wow anyone who clicked on this video WATCH THE WHOLE THING ITS TRUE AND INSPIRATIONAL !!!
Chanuth Gunawardene
Be kind and loving!
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666 subscribers everything she says is invalid
awee xzoe
Whenever I think of something bad I’m like in my mind *no I did not mean what I just said* 😂
Who else needed this after watching Shane Dawson
Musarat Tahir
Very helpful... thank you so much
What happens if it's still happening to you? :( like everyday..
Cena the Gemini
does anyone know the year this interview took place? knowing the month and year exact date would be best. Thanx in advance.
Jordan Davis
Great video! I need to use this when I am in my working environment!
Ronda Henderson
While growing up, I had one of the most negative mothers...she still is today..and of course I became negative. As a young adult, it was very hard for me. Until, I realized that life was not all negativity, my life was miserable. This video confirmed what I have come to realize, that life is good and we can change our negative thinking patterns. Great video, keep them coming!
Wow! So glad that this was helpful to you! ;)
You totally made our day! Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment! ;)
So glad that you found this helpful! ;)
Thanks for watching! :)
this helped me so much :) thank you so much! you are truly amazing and inspiring :)
Hanaa Al - Thigah
I can't thank you enough... This is exactly what i need... Thank you!
Wardah Amal
Very helpful thank u
Wonderful advice,thanks!
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Overcoming Insecurity and Self-Doubt How to turn negative thinking into 6 months ago   08:02

Insecurity and self-doubt plague many of us. This video talks a bit about why that happens, and offers tips to dismantle negative thinking and step out of the shadow of insecurity.

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