An Island Has Appeared Off The Carolina Coast, NASA Satellites Captured The Formation 2 days ago   06:17

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An Island Has Appeared Off The Carolina Coast, And What Scientists Have Found There Is Fascinating
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Minh Nguyen
Sticky rice
S James
But.................the glaciers are melting. Sea levels are rising.
the village idiot
Humans ruin everything...
Terry Oesch
Test nuclear bombs there
Terry Oesch
Put another nuclear power plant there they are safe
Terry Oesch
Put Hillary on it with comedy and Schumer
Terry Oesch
Give to migrants
Kira Fox
Oh let me guess.... another vacation resort offering.
Gary Gagnon
Its Valcanos 180 degrees ON planet earth Is pushed UP IT was in a science show it was huracain Picket up shallow sea and dropped IT THEIR
listen u will see one bigger search for the one that appeared in my country Palestine it appeared not that long ago in one day it appeared out of no where 1 day!! that's crazy dude and uhh its getting bigger and bigger and if u don't belive me search for it u will see it
Jimmy Biggs
This is how Atlantis will soon resurface!
Is the youtube legend true?!
They said if you say the. Channels name TEN times you will get pinned hmmm....
facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Facts box
Lets just wait...
Patty O'Connell
Recently a Hawaiian Island just disappeared. Interesting one Island appears and one island disappears. .
John Bravo
Our oceans are rising from global warming huh 😂😂😂😂Al Gore really got rich with that lie
Billy Kowalski
Follow up?
happyjj l li
if it stayes up very long, trump will try to put a hotel on... then when it goes back down in the water he will call bankruptcy
John Stands By Ear
John Stands By Ear
REALLY ... !!
Norma Hernandez
And aholes pull out the sharks to take fotos. 😠
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NASA Satellites Captured The Formation An Island Has Appeared Off The Carolina Coast, 2 days ago   01:44

Hawaii isn't the only series of islands formed from underwater volcanic eruptions. In 2014, a massive eruption formed the new island of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai. But there's something about this island that has scientists stumped.

Watch a brand new island form. You're watching the evolution of a brand new island. Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai formed in 2014 after an underwater volcanic eruption breached the surface. Nearby tourists filmed the huge explosion. Flights had to be diverted around it. When the smoke cleared, a small island was visible. It's located about 400 miles southeast of Fiji in the Pacific. 

It's only about a mile long. It was expected to wash away after a few months. Now, three years later, it's still here. These images show how it's been holding up over the years. This is the first time satellites could see an island forming. Scientists still don't know how the island has lasted this long. One theory is that warm seawater interacted with the ash to form a hardier rock surface. Scientists soon hope to run chemical analysis on rock samples. To unlock the secrets of this young, mysterious island.

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