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Came across this footage of some science guy rotating an owl about the place. Why? Does the owl give a hoot? Hah! Hoot. Did you see what I did there?

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Link to original clip?
Andrew R
Completely forgot about this master piece so glad I remembered it randomly today
Jill Girl
1 owl Ball.
rotating your owl may result in abandoning all aspect and people in your life that doesn't involve rotating owls. if this occurs just keep rotating your owl, rotating your owl is all you  will ever need to do. Have fun rotating your owls
Darth Vader but way shittier
Kristopher Walker
Does anyone know where the original footage of the man rotating the owl is from?
Jo Quevedo
Works a little bit with parakeets as well
t e r I N E E D L E R
This bird is panting when the blindfold is on him! I just saw that only now!
Chris Casillas
Rotate your cow
Asylum Vincent [Naga/Nerd]
No owls were harmed in the making of this video.
It’s Mr Lone Wolf
Non scientist: “Excuse me sir, you wouldn’t happen to have a medium sized owl sleeping bag I could borrow have you?”

Scientist: “well funny you ask actually, we’ve got one left over from experiment 52, we’ve also got caterpillar shoes from 51 if you’re interested? I’m pretty sure Barry just gave away the last pair of spider mittens but I’m fairly sure we’ve still got some roller skates that make crabs walk forwards if that’s any help to you? Anyway must dash, this elephant isn’t going to backflip itself!”

Also at first the owl is just eyeballing the camera man like nah I don’t care what this dude is doing to me, I just want you, but mid way in when it’s being made to fuck thin air, even it just looks around the room at random people like seriously, anyone, what the fuck is he doing to me?
The Real Queen of Owls
Mmm, that's nice.
Agrim Puriya
The owl is looking at his crush.
t e r I N E E D L E R
Actually it’s a great horned. The who sound is a bit different from the similar looking eagle owl with an equally grumpy but cute face. The EO has orange eyes and the GH has yellows green. The EO’s hooo sound is one longish hooo while the GH ‘s is hoot hoot hoot huhooo ooo ooo Tried posting earlier but it didn’t work. But I said I didn’t know which species. Turns out I do.
HowManyDidgetsOfPie YT
Rotate yo owl,
Thank you Mr Brown the physics teacher
Bleeding Doughnut
We are reaching levels of owl that shouldn't even be possible.
Paper Boat
Those owls are cute
b phillip
Because the British Advisory Department couldn't produce a hip hop video on rotating tamed Sky Leopards (because they couldn't tame any]
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Guess I got My Badger Back : animated Rotate Your Owl : animated music 2 days ago   01:37

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