BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART Best RC Helicopter Under 1699 3 months ago   12:23

BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 18 speed switch. After the last flying session I decided to review the instruction manual to see if there was anything that might help it to move forwards into the wind. The only thing I spotted was a button marked "Speed Switch" so I wondered if that might increase the power. It didn't....

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david lewis
Half the landing pad is better than no pad ! You are improving !!!
Raggy Ragsdale
Gotta be a trim issue .... It's a cool chopper!! Close but no cigar!! Giggles n Grins ..... Raggy
David Davids
well, is the 'speed' button DISCUSSED in the instructions, at all. if not, imo, it would be the equivalent of a rate switch. cheers
Foamy Flightmaster
Seems to like going backwards, could be a physical, mechanical alteration, might be needed on the control linkage to give more scope to move forward.
That speed button probably needs a look at...if a wire has come off/corroded it would explain the lack of anything.
For forwards, it couldn't just be that the tail rotor is on upside down, could it?
David Turner
I wonder if the speed button makes the tail rotor have more power so forwards and backwards is quicker
Just a thought, is the speed button actually a Dual Rates switch. is it more responsive when you operate the switch? Sometimes some of these cheaper Chinese made RC aircraft/helicopters/Quads etc have a so called 'speed switch', which activates the Dual Rates
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Best RC Helicopter Under 1699 BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 3 months ago   05:26

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