BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART RC Chinook Bicopter - Part 1 6 months ago   12:23

BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 18 speed switch. After the last flying session I decided to review the instruction manual to see if there was anything that might help it to move forwards into the wind. The only thing I spotted was a button marked "Speed Switch" so I wondered if that might increase the power. It didn't....

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david lewis
Half the landing pad is better than no pad ! You are improving !!!
David Davids
well, is the 'speed' button DISCUSSED in the instructions, at all. if not, imo, it would be the equivalent of a rate switch. cheers
Foamy Flightmaster
Seems to like going backwards, could be a physical, mechanical alteration, might be needed on the control linkage to give more scope to move forward.
That speed button probably needs a look at...if a wire has come off/corroded it would explain the lack of anything.
For forwards, it couldn't just be that the tail rotor is on upside down, could it?
David Turner
I wonder if the speed button makes the tail rotor have more power so forwards and backwards is quicker
Just a thought, is the speed button actually a Dual Rates switch. is it more responsive when you operate the switch? Sometimes some of these cheaper Chinese made RC aircraft/helicopters/Quads etc have a so called 'speed switch', which activates the Dual Rates
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RC Chinook Bicopter - Part 1 BL 2 4Ghz RC Helicopter 9004G PART 6 months ago   10:02

Could this be a budget way to build a flying model Chinook? Using the bicopter method of stability and control, the complexity of the Chinook should be able to be greatly reduced over using two full helicopter rotor heads. As mentioned, bicopters aren't anything new and I've been wanting to build this for a number of years now. Thanks to you guys, I'm now able to build what I want!

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