"Last of the Dogmen" Tom Berenger, Barbara Tom Berenger (Jeff) & Madolyn Smith 2 days ago   03:16

SPOILERS!! Do not watch this if you are intrigued by this film. Buy the DVD instead. THIS IS THE LAST CLIP. No more after this!

This scene has been specifically requested, so here it is! (It's the kiss scene. :D ) It takes place *near* the end of the film, but there's still A LOT of exciting stuff left to go. If you haven't seen the movie yet, buy it on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk or on eBay and see how everything turns out. Does Gates ever return to see Lillian? What happens to the Indians? Does the dog get eaten? Get the DVD and find out!

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It's a truly wondrous movie. You'll never regret owning it. (I wish I could find the soundtrack music CD somewhere!)
Bubba Smith
Great clips and great movie...Hadn't seen it in a long time so thanks for posting clips!!!
belo filme!!!
Fish-On with Tim Collison
al of you have to agree if you read this this is the best kiss ever filmed in a move I think and wow what a kiss awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im Tag, als amerikanische Ureinwohner für ihre Autonomie kämpften, hat der goverment es als „das Indianische Problem“ bezeichnet. Einige fühlen wir noch sind ein Problem, weil wir noch hier sie von erinnern, wie furchtbare Leute, die sie sind. ...A Deutsch hat genannt „Rote Wolke“?
c welch
Sweeney3269 ...you did a hell of a job on this video.. this was a great movie !
Try buying this movie either on ebay or Second Spin. I have bought movies for $5 at some of these sites. Good luck.
tammy combs
i am so sorry i had know idea it was such a hassel to put something like this on youtube,this is my first comp it is used and my daughter gave it to me and i am still learning about how things work with the comp and the net, forgive me, and you say i can buy it for 11$, but i am sorry to say even that amount is a great deal of money to someone like me, i didn't mean to make you laugh out loud...sorry..i just thought it would of been nice to see, i would not want you to get into trouble.
tammy combs
okay sweeny3269 why don't you just post the
whole movie,not only can't i afford to buy a movie but there are no rental places near where i live, give an old women a break, the quality of your postings are great i bet the whole movie would be a treat to see...give it some thought...besides there is so much crap on the net it would be nice to see something worth watching...just think about it.

Bubba Smith
Extremely good question// WHY//lol
I want a copy of it so bad// great flick//
Best I've seen in a while//
If you find it cheaper// let me know Please!!!
Bess Moser
I LOVE IT! THANK YOU SO MUCH! :) and thanks for the other clips too. :-D
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Tom Berenger (Jeff) & Madolyn Smith "Last of the Dogmen" Tom Berenger, Barbara 2 days ago   03:19

Best line "Champagne The Yacht The Train Powers" Love it.