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In this episode of The Charged Life, high performance coach and #1 New York Times bestselling self-help author Brendon Burchard shares ideas for how to deal with difficult times in our lives.

This is Brendon speaking freestyle, recorded in one take without prompter or notes.


1. Set Small, Simple Daily Goals. When times are difficult, it’s easy to feel we’ve lost all personal power. So, a simple way to insert agency and progress in our lives is to set three small goals every day and work to achieve them. These can be as simple as taking a shower, going for a walk, or calling a friend. It’s not about taking over the world, it’s about directing just a tiny bit of our day until we can find our footing again.

2. Keep Perspective. Draw some strength from the truth that there have been positive, good, happy times in life and that those moments and memories can return and are with you. And remember that part of keeping perspective is realizing you are not on an island alone - there are people out there who can help you through this. Finally, remember, you are the miracle - the fact that you can choose your attention and breath and choices each day is a profound blessing. Not all is lost or negative - there is always hope and you can make new choices.

3. Ask, “What should I be learning here?” When times are tough, we often feel that we can’t understand or handle things, that we lack competence or capability. So, to shore up those feelings, be strategic and ask, “What could I learn now to better handle this stage of my life?” Develop a learning curriculum for yourself and start studying things that can help or advance your life.

4. Be Your Best Self Despite the Difficulties. When I had a brain injury, I couldn’t control my emotions and actions for a while. I felt out of control. All I could do is set the intention to be my best. I forced myself to ask, “How would my best self interact with this situation? How would I view this, go through this, support others, and grow despite it all?” Sometimes, a simple and positive intention can expand our consciousness and connection with life (and ourselves).

5. Keep Gratitude Alive. This is the time to get grateful for the choices and blessings you do have, for the people you have supporting you, for who you are and who you can become. The surest route from suffering begins at the path of gratitude.


Brendon Burchard is one of the most followed personal development trainers of our time, and he is in the Top 100 Most Followed Public Figures on Facebook. A #1 New York Times bestselling author, his books include The Motivation Manifesto, The Charge, The Millionaire Messenger, and Life’s Golden Ticket. A car accident at the age of 19 inspired Brendon to turn his life around and follow his dreams to be a writer and trainer. After succeeding at that effort (he became a multimillionaire by the age of 32), Brendon dedicated his life to helping others find their charge and share their voice with the world.

Brendon's posts now reach more than 10,000,000 people per week worldwide. He is the star and executive producer of the #1 self-help show on Youtube, and his podcast, The Charged Life, debuted at #1 on iTunes across all categories in multiple countries. His seminars include High Performance Academy, the legendary personal development program for achievers, and Experts Academy, the world’s most comprehensive marketing training for authors, speakers, coaches, and online thought leaders. For these works, Larry King named Brendon "one of the top motivation and marketing trainers in the world."

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The Charged Life is a weekly self-help show full of #motivation, #inspiration, and #high performance strategies with bestselling author, motivational speaker and High Performance Academy founder Brendon Burchard. Filmed in one take, without any notes or prompter, the show has become one of the most viewed direct-to-camera self-help series in the history of Youtube. It's also been the #1 Podcast in all of iTunes and is regularly in the top podcasts in Self-Help and Health categories around the globe. Subscribe to the free motivational podcast here:


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Yvonne Landa
This needs to be a study of mine
It's hard sir to grad 4m clg and still not having a job at hand. It's really piercing me. Thank you sir. I will try my best to come out of my dark days. Please help me. 😑
Calum John Roberts
I'm going through one of the toughest times in my life at the moment and I feel like I'm gradually going off the rails as time goes on. Though I suppose just keeping those "Three Little Goals" will make move so far forward that when this total shitstorm is over, I will feel so proud of myself. That I didn't just break down like most people would. Only 1 in 10,000 of us are at peace with ourselves. To be a member of that small exclusive club is more than special. It's super special.
Pranoy Mehra
Fariha KQ
I need to thank you for this... I felt connected... It resonated...
You shone a light into my dark hole and threw me a rope... Thanks x
Renz Tunacao
My life is terrible cause life sucks but I try to move on
gr8 video keep em cming mate
ren carnado
Thank you
Uh...this guy hasn't seen hard ENOUGH times. Imagine, if you will, extreme genetic clinical depression and you're the only male still alive in your entire family because of it. Imagine no siblings or parents (ever) and only cried Republican ultra-conservative grandparents (who stole your entire life savings as you were growing up- even though they were already wealthy). The as an adult being extremely poor but can't stop working to take care of your illness. On top of that an extremely painful break-up DURING this time. Gee..what three things should I jump up and do toady? There are varying degrees of "hard times". That--we need to take into account.
Jade Rose
New to your videos and I respect your teachings. Focusing on simple tasks can help us pass from a negative day to a positive day when times are challenging.

Kindness and encouragement go a long way when reaching out to others, the shared life!

Gratitude I agree daily is important and a sense of humbling ourselves when we don’t get things right, no one does all the time!

It’s important to forgive yourself when we don’t make the right choices! We need to move on and learn from life’s experiences in general with compassion and understanding. Personally God has helped me do just that!
Maryam Dolatkhah
Thank you
Nancy Gurish
Thank you, I'm looking at how to persevere when times are hard. Life
can be a challenge and we need to stay grateful and persevere!
Thanks for the idea of setting goals!
Pranoy Mehra
I would die without you Sir.
Masashi Ng
My difficulties are controlling my emotions, ignoring sensory outputs like bullying or very loud noises, handling peer pressure, forgetting the resentful past, thinking positively, accepting or tolerating things that I can't really solve the problem with.
Rondel Mecanan
thank you brandon thank you so much...
Brian Rangel
My ad say born home and hit dog
Marijuana prevented me from committing suicide. I was lonely, disabled and with nothing to do...
I literally couldnt take it. So drugs saved my life.
Jodie Monarch
Thank you brendan really going to help me
Francis Mausley
"Be thou not sad, neither be thou unhappy; although the divine tests are violent, yet are they conducive to the life of the soul and the heart. The more often the pure gold is thrown into the furnace of test, the greater will become its purity and brilliancy and it will acquire a new splendor and brightness." ~ Abdul-Baha
Fuljidah Mwajuma
Hey Brendon I know that this might sound crazy...But I don't really understand myself and it feels like nobody understands me either.I don't know where the problem is but I often feel sad and always See the negative side of everything,and feels like I need someone to stick around me,someone I could tell everything (which I don't know what that everything are) and just understands and that could bring me out of this Problem.I am no longer Happy and overthinks everything before doing anything.I am scared of talking so much to People because I am afraid of whatever they might say or think about me,even though I don't care.I am so complicated and don't just understand myself anymore. My Brain feels like it's covered under something that makes it domand.I feel like there really is something wrong with me but I don't know what it is..I feel like someone can help me out of this thing but I don't know who and how when I myself can't explain it.I oftenly feel so lonely even though I have my family...someone Please help me :( it's something my Brain is stuck inside,at least that's how it feel...and it is really hard for me to explain it but it's there,I just can't get it to words.....this thing makes me forget stuff so easily,I cant think properly and Panics about everything it's like when I do something it s like there is a way I could do or could have done better,this problem makes me feel like there is no solution,my life is so complicated in my mind....I really need help I am open to any advice..
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Depression Motivation - Broken heart, Dealing with Difficult Times 1 week ago   10:53

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