5 Songs You've Never Heard 5 Contestants on The Voice who Auditioned With 5 months ago   03:59

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The Songs:
I Got a Woman - Ray Charles
(Appears in "Gold Digger"by Kanye West)

Must Be Jesus - The Southern Tones
(Appears in "I Got a Woman" by Ray Charles)

I Got The... - Labi Siffre
(Appears in "My Name Is" by Eminem)

Why Can't We Live Together - Timmy Thomas
(Appears in "Hotline Bling" by Drake)

What a Man - Linda Lyndell
(Appears in "Whatta Man" by Salt n Pepa)

Found a Child - Ballin' Jack
(Appears in "Groove is in the Heart" by Deeee-Lite)

The Barbershop Quartet from the beginning

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Scott Heimer
Yes! I love this! More these please!
Tomasz Low
Except Ray Charles didn't even go as far as writing 'I've Got A Woman" https://ai-tube.com/videoai/bZ1_6PSg5Zt), but ye, he also took the melody from someone else. Basically curation at this point. Brilliant.
Nathan Barry
Remember, most music is pachelbel's Canon in D
Robert Miles
Like Daft Punk? Maybe you like:
"Release The Beast" by Breakwater
and "Cola Bottle Baby" by Edwin Birdsong
Emaline L.
Ok I absolutely LOVED this episode. Reminds me so much of Vox's earworm series and it's BRILLAINT
GL Clemente
It's Jamie Fox on the Kanye track
I'd like to add 2 more to this list - Joe Cocker's "Woman to woman" is where 2Pac got California Love, and Dr Dre got "Let me ride" from Mothership Connection by Parliament!
Dianne Again
Why did you have to go get Santana in my head then leave me with C&C Music factory?
Usually when this happens to me it's because Weird Al put it in a polka medley
Vibhas Kulkarni
Listing all these songs for the first time 😂
Eric Harkleroad
Great video. I was listening to this with my wife, who is a Veterinarian, and she wasn't so sure this was unique to humans and mentioned hearing a podcast about humpback whales. I didn't think it was quite comparable and we discussed it, that means I argued with her a bit. Unconvinced, and because it was interesting, I looked in to it. As I should have suspected she was right, anyway I wanted to pass this on since you may find it interesting. https://phys.org/news/2018-11-humpback-whales-song-years.html
ioi hank is best hank
Carolyn Knudstrup
Who else here would gladly watch Hank try to re-create the Hotline Bling music video??
Classical composers used to steal melodic lines or chord progressions from eachother. It was a sign of admiration.
You want to know what makes humanity special? We're the only species that observes shark week. Sharks don't even observe shark week.
Dash Blum
I wish hank would talk about the Apache record and how influential that was to hip hop instead of just talking about Kanye west and eminem
Cuttin close there Green, cuttin it close.
I'm not against sampling per se, but I do think there's a difference between using a sample in a song and taking a particular melody, rhythm, or chord progression and reusing or reworking it in a new song. For one thing, it's bound to sound different if you re-work it because you probably won't be using the exact same instruments or effects, or have the same production quality as the original, and you're bound to introduce subtle differences or changes, even if unintentionally. This is readily seen in covers of songs, and is just as true when you're not actually covering, but just borrowing. Compare Ram Jam's version of Black Betty to Leadbelly's version of the song, for example.

There are things you can do to a sample to change it, such as add effects, change its speed or pitch, or use very short samples, but many songs that use samples *want* you to be able to recognize the source, and don't do very much to it.
Andrew Wright
Your video reminds me of the Twenty Thousand Hertz podcast where they breakdown the Amen Break:
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5 Contestants on The Voice who Auditioned With 5 Songs You've Never Heard 5 months ago   08:25

A compilation video featuring 5 contestants on The Voice who auditioned with a coach's song!

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0:13 Josiah Hawley - "Sunday Morning" | Picked Usher
1:54 Caitlin Caporale: "Impossible" | Picked Pharrell
3:32 Jeff Lewis - "U Got it Bad" | Picked Usher
5:09 Monique Abbadie - "Loca" | Picked Shakira
6:51 Brian Nhira: "Happy" | Picked Pharrell

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