Goodbye... How-To Carve a Realistic beetle 1 day ago   14:59

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Mandy Lawrence
Casper should have sent old Dozer one of their dog beds! :( What a missed opportunity for advertising them.
Love you, man, but come on, it would take you 5 min to vacuum the Goblin seats and why didn't you put a tarp or something over the car after realising it's a "no roof" trailer. Anyway, greetings from Slovenia.
Malcolm Lang
You're awesome Dozer!!
Lincoln is growing up soooo fast!
Stephanie Elliott
Nadith Hannah
You are such a good dad Matt
Amber G
Casper hasn't sent you a dog bed for Dozer?! How lame!!
The mattress can't be that good if you have to have a memory foam topper...
No turtle left Behind
I hope doze is ok
Caitlyn Ridley
You were in Tennessee and I missed you?!! What!! I'm super bummed!! You need to do a meet and greet in Tennessee please!
That hood is straight up LEGIT!!
Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek
Great video as always! What's the best surprise to receive?
Seth Atwood
Mere Stare @12:00
Put a tarp over it or trash bags on the seats
Sven Faust
Nice Carporn Video!
Thad Schaeffer
Matt finish.
Ryan Sundown
You sell the casper mattress better than Jim Rome. Still not going to buy it though.
Waves & Trails
Good ole Dozer, boxers are great dogs.
Domaniq Worden
Matt ‘ badass flag funny I’ve actually had that tattooed on my arm for about a year now lol
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How-To Carve a Realistic beetle Goodbye... 1 day ago   17:12

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Ok Dukeys, this piece took sooo much work, but it was worth it. In this video I show you how to carve a super realistic Japanese Rhinoceros beetle out of different species of wewd. Let me know what you think of it in the comments and subscribe if you haven't already. Yay! Love you guys.

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