European Commission President candidates Debate of the candidates for the presidency of the Commission 2 days ago   00:48

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Six candidates selected by the political parties to become the next president of the European Commission start a televised debate. The participating candidates are Nico Cué from the European Left, Ska Keller from the European Green Party, Jan Zahradil from the Alliance of Conservatives & Reformists in Europe, Margrethe Vestager from the Alliance of Liberals & Democrats for Europe, Manfred Weber from the European People's Party and Frans Timmermans of the Party of European Socialists. IMAGES of the beginning of the debate

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Excellent Euro-Circus performance! Very entertaining indeed! Sterile and useless 'debate' as all has been already agreed! This is a democratic masquerade!
Stella Ash
Timmermans should be in Jail
Paul maxson
If you love Christian culture traditions and identity vote for the nationalists and populists if you hate your country and culture vote for the globalist white hating Marxists
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Debate of the candidates for the presidency of the Commission European Commission President candidates 2 days ago   1:31:06

Who will be the next president of the European Commission? Follow us live Wednesday 15 May at 21.00 CEST, as candidates for the presidency of the European Commission take part in a Eurovision debate, hosted in the European Parliament in Brussels.
The candidates taking part in the debate are:
Nico CUÉ, European Left (EL)
Ska KELLER, European Green Party (EGP)
Jan ZAHRADIL, Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe (ACRE)
Margrethe VESTAGER, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)
Manfred WEBER, European People’s Party (EPP)
Frans TIMMERMANS, Party of European Socialists (PES)