Slot car Drag racing for fun! Jumbo R/C Carrier Launches Model 3 months ago   07:38

1/32 scale slot cars aka model cars drag racing down a scale 1/4 mile. All for fun, no timing system yet.

More videos to come...

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Antoine Vachon
Digital Bait
Richard Binder
Those are some cool cars. I'm 53 and in my hometown Decatur Illinois we had Bolay's Hobbies. They had a six lane track. I had a tackle box full of AFX cars. We would race for pinks. Good clean fun.
Chris Carr
Man I'm glad that orange 69 firebird/camaro tracked straight. His 4 link aint dialed in at all. The abrupt ending of each race is a little comical
Frankey Frank
cool nice street racing drag... (:0) great idea....
Jennette Carter
Cool videos
Dom Fuller
Where i race we have a drag strip with a return lane to save you walking down to get cars ,, last night a new top speed was set at 61kph ,, thats in 1/32 scale
Alan Perucki
Sharp Video
Scott West
Where do you get these cars and track?
Where can I get a Honda
Ryder 946
are these carrera cars
Jasiah B
was that a hot wheels fast fish slot car
MAHABO Productions
350Z FWD?
MAHABO Productions
Crash on end of way =DDD
Lauri Pentti
how old are u?
4:20 GTR vs GTR yay my favorite car is in head to head
nice. video and car collection. you need the Christmas tree countdown lights.
allen schmitz
WARNING: never attempt a race against a TESLA car piston heads...time is not on yer side.
need a couple hundred feet of track and an on board cam :) that would be awesome :)
genifits tv
How long is the slot track??
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Jumbo R/C Carrier Launches Model Slot car Drag racing for fun! 3 months ago   03:33

Our 13-foot USS Kitty Hawk replica launches her planes to the beach in this RapidNadion adventure. Some aircraft never make it off the deck, and others crash into the drink due to Kitty Hawk's prototype catapult system, but finally, a plane makes it through.

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