Jeremy Hunt delivers speech Race to become UK PM: Boris Johnson 2 days ago   10:03

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Jeremy Hunt described himself as "the underdog” during his speech to Conservative Party members in Birmingham at the party’s first hustings event.

The foreign secretary pitched himself as the better negotiator, warning that "catastrophe awaits," if the wrong leader is sent to Brussels for talks with EU leaders.

The 52-year-old thanked the internet for being kind to him "for the first time in my life" as he kicked off his campaign.

He vowed a radical cut in corporation tax, a reform of the education system and to "abolish illiteracy".

Hunt also vowed not to provoke a general election until after we've left the EU, if he was successful in his bid to be PM.

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Comments 164 Comments

Bob Narsh
Hunt is a cross between Blair and Rimmer. Rolling his shirt sleeves up like Blair, and destroying just about everything within our NHS like Rimmer would have done. The people has got a choice of one to vote for, and it sure isn't  Rimmer.
Bob Narsh
Didn't Blair try that old ploy of rolling your sleeves up, LOOK WHERE THAT GOT US. I believe that you could be in the same category as our wonderful Tony Blair. We breally should NOT be going down that route.
Bob Narsh
Look at your record on the NHS, Oh dear what a disaster you made of that, Do we really need a disaster leading the country. Ask anyone working within the NHS what they think of you Mate.
lance allison
Hunt by name Tory money grubbing wanker by nature.
Netrammac Mac
Look at me with my sleeves rolled up like a man of the people
John Stockley
jeremy hunt is just another dominic grieve just watch!
Stewart Reid
Fairy tales & complete nonsense. Boris is no Angel but this Comedian is no threat, totally useless. Better on the stage as a stand up Comic!
Karl Hainer
I am a committed Lib Dem, however I would rather go into coalition with this man rather than BJ.
Brendan '76
You’re no tory
Brendan '76
Remainer!!!! Fuckyou
Brendan '76
No lgbt in schools
Brendan '76
Pushing lgbt in schools
David McGill
Hunt = Judas
Isabel Prieto
J. Hunt only has May's ideas.......nothing good.
Richard Cheshire
Every word is sooooooo stupid. I'm gonna click off before I lose my whole mind rather that the many recently deceased brain cells...
"The internet has been kind to me for the first time in my life." He wants to check this comment section lol.
Bornlyrical nutz
lets face it ....Hunt rhymes with?
Ian Nonhebel
Oh So Normal is no threat to the EU - Boris will win and he is no better. The EU needs to be threatened economically now!!!
These candidates need to reveal the trade deals ready to roll on day one of No Deal / give the EU an alternative to No Deal or they will lose 50% of their business and we leave without paying a penny. Nobody is saying anything to make the EU give us a deal better than staying in - A REAL THREAT IS NEEDED NOT IDLE WORDS!!!!!!
Real American Hero
Underdog? Your opponent is hated by the media; the liberal elite and the gullible public. You are a gutless remainer; neatly tucked into Brussels top pocket 🤡
May Killeen
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Race to become UK PM: Boris Johnson Jeremy Hunt delivers speech 2 days ago   10:40

After facing days of criticism for avoiding media scrutiny - Boris Johnson, who's running against Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister and Tory leader - has spoken exclusively to the BBC.

He says he would ensure a plan to deliver Brexit by the end of October - declaring the political landscape both in the UK and the EU has changed.

But, Mr Johnson admitted he would need EU cooperation to prevent both a hard border in Ireland, and tariffs on British business if there were no deal with the EU.

Asked about the widely reported incident in the early hours of Friday morning at the flat he shares with his partner - Boris Johnson said it was simply not fair to talk about his family and loved ones.

He's been interviewed by the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

Tomorrow, we will have an interview with Jeremy Hunt, the other candidate in the Conservative Leadership Race.

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