How far does that Red5 Air Powered How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber 1 day ago   05:48

How far does that Red5 Air Powered Car Kit go? I have seen these kits around but always too expensive for my pocket so when this one turned up in a charity shop for £2.50 I bought it. I just hope all the parts are in the box as it has been part assembled. I can see these kits are still available on Amazon at around £17 - £20.

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Pretty good distance!
Those things are awesome. Used to sell em. We put propane in the tank once. It had a lot of stored energy as the liquid would turn to vapour but stripped the oil from the pistons.
Doc Ink
Two countries divided by a single language... LOL... We spell curb differently... Imagine that! Are power is really interesting, I watch the video about a full size car run on compressed air, I considered making a go kart using a mechanic's compressed air gun as the motor, just another one of those 3 million ideas that never came to fruition... LOL... There's that guy in England who works on air powered cars and whatnot I always find him interesting to. All in all that little cars a good performer, now if you just figure out a way to make it run a boat maybe paddlewheels or turn sideways 2 run a propeller shaft... Getting pretty close to those four million ideas... LOL
So Cool!  I've always like the idea of a compressed air powered car like in Patent 672256 , .  An LN2 car is sort of a compressed air car.  Think your model would run on liquid nitrogen or dry ice ?
According to, most straight kerbs are 915mm in length (a hangover from the pre-metric days).
Mike Flight
WOW! That is very good. The air motor in it must be extremely efficient.
It still had power even when you stopped it.
That's to sort of motor which could be good in an air-powered plane. Then again modifying it might mess it up. Great little machine.
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How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber How far does that Red5 Air Powered 1 day ago   07:05

Buy this kit online from
Easy to follow guide on how you can make your own carbon fibre parts without specialist equipment. All Materials used are now available from the Easy Composites website
To talk about your project or see what others are getting up to please join in on the forum