Trevor Noah Nails The British Of Course Trump Wants to Throw 1 day ago   05:10

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Trevor Noah does his best British accents covering royal news, updating us on Brexit's progression while impersonating some of Britain's most iconic figures.

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Tamara Brink
im a brit and this is still hilarious
Crystal Jamal Esso
I Believe he is aware there are different accents in the UK,and that Prince Harry and his brother know how to get their hands dirty.Lets not be too serious gents.
Hit and miss tbh. John Oliver sounded like Michael Caine. Also there is no one "Britsh accent" , just like there is no one American accent...
Ben Nevis
This guy is obsessed by trump once trump has left the Oval Office this gutter rat will have no more material. just because someone loves their country doesn’t make him a fascist.
Downing Sreet is gated off and gaurded.
That road is blocked by fences that are guarded with armed police officers. No Chinese menu slipping :D
Dollicious Customs
Bloody brilliant! hahah bet he can't do a yorkshire accent
magdalene adjei
Whenever he says "awww" I know some shade is about to drop!!
Crooked Warden
As a British guy...You honestly don't touch the queen unless you want to shadowed face on the rooftops to consider putting one through you.
Aliciá Greaves
If he's a comedian all he’d get from a British audience are fake laughs and claps. This guy ain't funny at all.
Bankole Bello
Trump was been nice touching d back of d queen... If he wasn't, he won't be touching her back 🤣😂😅🤣😅😂
Asad Love
The Queen is like grizzly Bear or something.😂😂😂
Tacticalshadow04 Tacticalshadow04
Bit harsh
Mohsin Ali
Yeah so funny racist and this n that......benchood
Bunny in the Box
If you say so.
Gilda Dadgar
Harry was a soldier who fought and bled in Afghanistan. To assume he has never heard of sweat is ridiculously ignorant.
Linda West
accent is all over the place, " Don't touch the Queen. They need to calm sown". Try touching the President. They would shoot you. !5 men surrounding a car and running alongside it like Dalmatians doesn't seem funny? and of course we don't like Trump. the man is an idiot...on either side of the Pond. Borderline criminal. Apart from a funny accent, I didn't find the jokes funny at all.Take away the funny voices and .....not really any quality jokes in there.
sudhangshu pal
Only Tommy Robinson can save britain. Hard core christian Leader can save english people from becomeing sharia britain.
Don the Con: 0:18 take a que from Teresa May and Resign. If not for us, for the sake that your VP will pardon you of all the crimes you committed as president*
James England
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Of Course Trump Wants to Throw Trevor Noah Nails The British 1 day ago   05:54

President Trump asked the Pentagon to throw him a Bastille Day-style military parade, which Trevor thinks is just the latest move in his quest to become a dictator.

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