Are North Africans White, Black SHOCKING MOROCCAN DNA RESULTS! 😲 3 months ago   11:18

The time has come to discuss North Africa, but are they White, Black or Middle Eastern? What are the genetics of countries of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya?

Today, let's tackle the issue of genetics, admixture and ethnic identity in the modern countries of North Africa from a historic perspective.

I realize the assertions I make about the identity of modern North Africans like the Egyptians, Algerians and Moroccans do not apply to everyone, and that everyone has a different outlook.

Let me know your thoughts on the region of North Africa, and it's very tumultuous fluctuating history and people down in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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Ramy Bouafia
I am from north africa and this is Well presented well informed keep up the good work
Abdullah Alshehri
I am an Arab from saudi arabia
And in fact we arabs do not have a certain color
We have all the colors , Black , White , Yellow , Brown and It is shameful to talk about the skin color because we did not create ourselves and we did not choose our colors , This is the will of Allah "GOD" who created us and we are proud of this

And if I say to you, I am an black Arab
So what this make me ?
Nidal Shehadeh
Alfushaa الفصحى
and و
Aleama , العامة

I am Palestinian from the Bethlehem Area that is where I was born ,
it is common among us the Palestinians to have different accents and words that describes the same thing Within each municipality ,
now try to imagine the dialogues and accents all across the Arab world .

That being said if I am listening to the news out of any other Arab country I will understand it for the simple fact it is spoken in the " Alfushaa " .
any two Arabs who understand the
Alfushaa Arabic language could communicate with each other anywhere on the planet ,
Alfushaa is the language used in the schools all over the Arab countries it is the language of the Koran,
on the other hand the local languages is referred to as "Aleama" and to understand it someone must tag along to translate .
on some occasions the same thing applies between Christian and Muslim between City dwellers and Countryside in which the same item have a different definitions .

If you want to hear the way it sounds cut and paste in Google Arabic to English translation then touch the speaker icon ,
use the Arabic side of the translator ,
English does not pronounce it right .

الفصحى و العامة

Classical language ,

and , و

common or general language
Issa ILias
You very wrong sorry but I thought u re very smart to find formation ,I am Moroccan we re just Arabised by languge but darija is not Arabic is 80 per cent Berber with Latin and few words Arab second all of us carry DNA test north african even paternal grandfather haplogroup is E M 81 we never been Arab and we don't speak Arab we did not come from Europe and we re not black subsaharian the oldest fossil in north africa Carried the same DNA that we re modern north african carry it well Berber are more older than other race nation interpologia say it and fossil prove it
Issa ILias
North African are all Berbers are just Arabised by Islam language that's all but their DNA are fully north African
Issa ILias
My DNA test results is 86 north African and I am Berbers from Morocco ,we re midditranian race not Arab not European not black subsaharian we re white race even most of us has red colour of hair
Hich Hichem
When talking with evidence people go crazy saying "I'm amazigh!!!" Why is that?! Men kind all came from the middle of Africa
Hich Hichem
Simeta Richard
stupid people like always thick africans are black because hot temperatures, which so stupid
even middle east has hot temperatures and they are not black
stop that bullshit
Simeta Richard
africa is for black people full stop
whether u like it or not
Bosin Bosinino
Came here for benzema and zidane .... now i know they are europeans forced muslims ofc ...
Frx bx01
White is not a race. North Africans are caucasoids such as Europeans...
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Lt Enclave Soldier
Germanic effect
Anouar Driouach
its hilarious that you focused on the arab invasion , yet ignored thousands of years of roman presence in north africa . sorry man but genetically , linguistically and culturally speaking . north africa is much closer to southern europ then the middle east . thus why there are amazigh people in southern spain and the canary islands .
Pure Somali
They are bastards who got fucked by everyone, Spanish, Arabs and so on. Weak people who can't retain their language and culture, and who have to suck Arab dicks to be accepted as Arabs. I am glad Somalia and Ethiopia gave the Arabs the middle finger. How can someone obey to a weak people like Arabs I would never know.
sek tarek
Wtf man ??? this is huge mistake . your research is poor , people of north africa are mixed with few ppl from middle east but this doesn't mean north africa was empty before the middle eastern come
Pietro Constantino
You missed another interesting factor in North African genetics.
Orestis Papadopoulos
Algeria was NOT a French colony. It was a French department, fully integrated into the French territory just as any other department of France, as Corsica for example.
Femme Maroc
Knowing they have lied to you all the time telling you you are an arab but the truth is you are amazigh and they have opressed all your family and ancestor in the past is sick. We are amazigh people and we want to embrace our origins and let the word know we matter and we have our own land and language that the arabs tried to steal and make us forget about. Never again. Amazigh people are waking up. And we will let no one steal our identity and culture to make it their own, no subsaharian, no middle eastern, no asian, no europeans, no one.. Yes we may have a bit of other dna as everyone on this planet but the roots of who we really are will always stand out, it is our blood, our people, our history. They stole it from us once, never again. AMAZIGHEN WILL RISE
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SHOCKING MOROCCAN DNA RESULTS! 😲 Are North Africans White, Black 3 months ago   09:13

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video on my shocking DNA results! I've had the news for a while so I wasn't too surprised in the video but I had no idea about most of these! Don't forget to subscribe for more :)

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