Are North Africans White, Black SHOCKING MOROCCAN DNA RESULTS! 😲 1 month ago   11:18

The time has come to discuss North Africa, but are they White, Black or Middle Eastern? What are the genetics of countries of Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia and Libya?

Today, let's tackle the issue of genetics, admixture and ethnic identity in the modern countries of North Africa from a historic perspective.

I realize the assertions I make about the identity of modern North Africans like the Egyptians, Algerians and Moroccans do not apply to everyone, and that everyone has a different outlook.

Let me know your thoughts on the region of North Africa, and it's very tumultuous fluctuating history and people down in the comments below. Thanks for watching!

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Gustaf Svensson
They may not be Arabs but they look the same 🤷‍♂️
perrier gaz
We're human don't put yourself in a box. No color filters
Orange Blurr
North Africans are white
Weldon Clark
Who is this white guy?
Weldon Clark
The original black Africans were in north Africa before any of these Arabs.
If it's connected and a PART of African hence the name 'North AFRICA' it is African. Don't come at me say 'well TeChNicalLy' shut up. Egyptians need to stop hating being Black because race doesn't realistically depict your class. I do and will always believe the simple fact that Egyptians were black, just because most of us were forced to adopt Islamic culture doesn't make you Arab.
CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Automatic Welding
Can you please make this video with subtitles or automatic subtitles? I'm a foreigner.
Reine des Aures
You pronounced our name wrong. Kabyle = KA-BEEL, not KA-BILE.
PCY _ BBH eXo̲
Egyptians are not black 😊
and a quarter of Egyptians have colored eyes
Toni E
Hal Bleavy
The people in North Africa are not the original inhabitants of that area, they ended up there as Islam spread across North Africa.
احمد ياسر
all egyptian white
احمد ياسر
all egyptian white
Karla Soraya
Amazing video. Very well explained. I’m from Central America, just got my Ancestry DNA results. I’ve got Senegal, Nigeria, Congo Northern Africa. Cameroon, and Southern Bantu peoples . Greece and the Balkans. Spain, European Jewish. Portugal. Italy, Ireland and Scotland. 1 more of something and my head would’ve exploded!! Can this even be possible?? I’m happy about the Northern Africa, always new it, felt it . Thanks for such informative video🙏🏻
Bouslama Karim
Tunisia has a very high percentage of european blood on the coasts like Hammamet and the cap bon region
The berber/amazigh are not originary from middle east , the resant researches prouve that the firsts humans are from north africa AND FOR THE THOUSRN TIME NOT FROM THE MIDDLE EAST !
Arab Pride
Why are you people confusing a geopolitical term like the middle east with western asia? The middle east is transcontinental and starts with Egypt. You people should Look up middle east before you comment on here and look dumb. The other region in the Arab world is called the maghreb region starting with libya. We dont even use the term “north african” in the Arab world
Eri Star
Habesha people are only Ethiopians and Eritreans we are not Arabs we are pure Africans.
Matthew Peters
I am 60% Moroccan and around 40% east European, but I look more sub Saharan African than Maghreb and I’m only 1-2% sub Saharan African
I'm from Yemen does that mean I'm black
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SHOCKING MOROCCAN DNA RESULTS! 😲 Are North Africans White, Black 1 month ago   09:13

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this video on my shocking DNA results! I've had the news for a while so I wasn't too surprised in the video but I had no idea about most of these! Don't forget to subscribe for more :)

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