Holland's giant 'Sand Motor' Dutch bridge opens - Slauerhoffbrug 2 days ago   02:03

AFP news agency
With more than a quarter of its territory lying below sea level, the Netherlands places a high priority on protecting its coastline. In the latest example of the country's world-renowned hydro-engineering prowess, a group of Dutch engineers has created a vast artificial sandbar close to The Hague, which is intended to protect the local coast in concert with the forces of nature. Duration: 02:02

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Dutch Man
There is not enough information presented.
Until short the beaches were made stronger by ten feet of sand and the ship would move on for the next stretch.
In this way from the south to the north and at the end they returned to where they started, to do it all again.
This procedure kept the beaches and dunes safe.
So it happened that the beach at Scheveningen was high and wide after it was done, and slowly it would get lower and narrower until it was almost washed away, and then again ten feet would be added.
With the sand motor, sand would be transported constantly and evenly along a far stretch of beaches north of it, by sea and wind. In this way only compensating what would be lost.
And so far it seems to work fine.
During south western storms, instead of washing away beaches it washes away the sand motor.
The idea came from works more to the south where a change in coastline caused the sea to create sandbanks where there were none before.
Of course the sand motor needs to be refilled but that has much less impact.
Ray Jonkman
My home at Monster.

Did you test it out?

I am sure the idea is patentable,but basically imagine a curtain or wall
that has flaps that open when the wave moves towards shore.
The wave would be pushing sand towards the beach.
Normally the back flow would pull sand back to the sea (erosion).
The flaps would close and stop the back flow of sand but
let the water through.Yes the flaps would be filters that allow
water flow but not sand.
As the sand piles up in front of the wall or curtain,its height
can be increased.
Em Lapa
@Maleblade a video demonstration would definitely help :)

I wonder if anyone has tried sand trapping ridges.
These would be rows of ridges/bands that would allow sand and water to flow
towards the beach but not towards the sea.
The ridges would have one way flap valves that open when flow is towards the beach
and close when it is towards the sea.
The sand would settle between the ridges as the water flows over the tops,sand valves.
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Dutch bridge opens - Slauerhoffbrug Holland's giant 'Sand Motor' 2 days ago   07:51

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