Building Sea City (Engineering Documentary) Planets in Our Solar System Science 4 months ago   52:02

This stylish, lavishly photographed HD documentary follows the team on the ground in Kuwait as they race to beat critical deadlines while the temperature rises to the extremes of mid-summer. There are bridges to finish, water gates to be built and installed, millions of cubic metres of dynamic compaction to be done – literally smashing the ground flat enough to bear the weight of buildings on it – and mangrove plants to nurture at the absolute northern limit of their possible cultivation. All this before new lagoons can be flooded in late 2009, and while the first families are already moving into their new homes alongside the first flooded lagoons.

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james surveyor
this amazing
The Dude
You need more ads buddy. Nine is not enough
Jason Jai
English people know how to make money from Arabs LOL
john jay
Moon Man
LOL i build that crawler crane Prototyps HS 855 liebherr
Stevius Maximus
Amazing and wonderful!
Max D
a Shan
Very beautiful place.
Gavin Ward
Great Enginering, fantastic result, be interesting to know how much for a waterfront block.
Dalal Alsahaf
Amazing project, really inspiring!
R osso
Those rich arabs spent billions in stupid things, but no helps for the Muslim refugees!?
Ray N
Dynamic compaction that's dynamic B.S. worked in construction most my life, compaction is done in layers, from the bottom up, one doesn't start stomping from the top, always will be a lower layer you didn't reach, and that will settle.,, period. Granted most of the experts are elderly, and will kick before serious problems begin, maybe. LOL
M Oczakow
Here are a couple of stats about Global Emissions that will blow ur mind, cause even 10million Tesla's every year will not make a dent in these, and all Teslas in the world for next 20y wont even faze these.

1 Cruise ship = emissions from 1,000,000 cars

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And one of these is = to 50,000,000 vehicles... now that is... mind boggling.

And here is an even scarier stat boyz & girlz: (how many cargo ships are there in the world?)

And this stat above does not even include Cruise Ships: (314 large cruise ships)

So when people wanna lower emissions & reduce solution, we should start with these filthy things first off, especially since one of these is equal to 1-50mill vehicles.
Vinay Achutuni
afriend too
Imagine what America could do if we didn't waste $700 billion per year on the military..
Mike Suall
Cant wait to move in!!! With my slaves holding my umbrella and wiping my ass uffff cant wait!!!!
It's amazing the things that humans can achieve through collective effort. We virtually tame the land, sea and air but we choose not not wipe out hunger and warfare.
Truth Seeker
Its certainly an ambitious project but I wonder with climate change whether a city in the sea is the right approach and not a city underground instead as the earth is heating up? Also, where is the supply of fresh water going to come from seawater is useless for any domestic purpose - domestic water meaning for drinking and washing?
Affiliate LifeStyle
Anyone know what drum and bass track this is please? Starts at 15:34 TIA
Beaches with no chicks. A muslim 3rd world shithole paradise.
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Planets in Our Solar System Science Building Sea City (Engineering Documentary) 4 months ago   00:00

A solar system is a star and all of the objects that travel around it—planets, moons, asteroids, comets and meteoroids. Most stars host their own planets, so there are likely tens of billions of other solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy alone. Solar systems can also have more than one star. These are called binary star systems if there are two stars, or multi-star systems if there are three or more stars.

The solar system we call home is located in an outer spiral arm of the vast Milky Way galaxy. It consists of the Sun (our star) and everything that orbits around it. This includes the eight planets and their natural satellites (such as our moon), dwarf planets and their satellites, as well as asteroids, comets and countless particles of smaller debris.