Building Sea City (Engineering Documentary) CRAZY Ideas That Actually 4 months ago   52:02

This stylish, lavishly photographed HD documentary follows the team on the ground in Kuwait as they race to beat critical deadlines while the temperature rises to the extremes of mid-summer. There are bridges to finish, water gates to be built and installed, millions of cubic metres of dynamic compaction to be done – literally smashing the ground flat enough to bear the weight of buildings on it – and mangrove plants to nurture at the absolute northern limit of their possible cultivation. All this before new lagoons can be flooded in late 2009, and while the first families are already moving into their new homes alongside the first flooded lagoons.

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Skyler dawn
Go to Turkey , natural history girls boys , this is a fake beach and won't last. Don'[t spend on arab's anything. not safe, they betray their own people, countries. they chob its own people and dissolve with acid ... they are barbaric. We are , Turks lucky to have Ataturk who got rid of them and their customs ottoman used to be like them. They are stuck in 17. century
Luis V
Everyone is talking about slavery workforce, and oil and gas..well remember when President Trump told us to drill in Alaska? oh no never we can't do that, so keep paying high prices for gas and buying oil from terrorist countries, so shut up and don't complaint, the next thing is china....see what they doing? keep buying made in china instead of asking for made in USA, again about slavery is called IRS
Am I the only one who noticed that the Marine Biologist's name is David Jones. . .Davie Jones!
Arshiya Sharafi
A r a b i a n Golf? where is it exactly?
Raistlin Majere
This is pretty cool. I would never leave America and the coast I live on to go live there but I think this is a great way to make the most of a desert hell
0:18 ''Nobody's ever done this before'' WRONG!

In 1918, the Netherlands started the construction of Flevoland. With 2412 square kilometer (1498,7 miles) it's the biggest man-made landmass of the world. It's in fact that big that it became a new province in the Netherlands. Sabah Al Ahmad is only 200 kilometers (120 miles).
Arhan Solo
The dark colour of the sky feel like the Golf War never ended...
michael taylor
39:30 wow I can't believe they just walked in the water with just regular shoes and socks.
Bhavesh Chauhan
Theres no point of wasting that much Money on A childish Dream, they not look like they making it for tourist attraction no money cercular flow from person to person only OIL is giving them even they allow foreigners rich people to buy and live there I don’t think like Who the FUCK wanna live on a artificial land, where big risk of Terrorists attacks iran irak like all our country is surrounded by terrorists.
Fred Nezami
Persian Gulf not Arabian Gulf
Lynise Collins
Why can't we have something like this , no reason we can't
Artemus Rodricq
May god bless the amir and all of his family and all he puts his mind to do. I am writing this short communique about the Salton sea. This "sea was accidentally put back into existence after many millions of years by an accidental breach of a dike in the desert in my state of California. in an attempt to make this as to the point as possible, (with all respect afforded an amir), "GOOGLE" the Salton sea". MY QUERY IS THIS "PLEASE CAN YOU HELP IN RESTORING THIS BODY OF WATER AS YOU DID SO WELL WITH YOUR SEA CITIES? THANK -YOU AND MAY THE LORD WE BOTH SERVE BLESS YOU. AN ADMIRER: ARTHUR.
Red Richard
Remove wash and replace beach sand ,twice.
Ollie Gueret
A very different kind of engineering documentary from the ones I've watched before. It's always about the caliber of structural design, it's never about increasing the biological habitat of other species nor it's environmental impact. I really enjoyed this and viewing it's engineering ambition from an unusual perspective. Thumbs UP!!!
[revive project]
so in one sentence: what is the sea city project about?
cool project and great plan except for one important detail.... arent most Kuwaiti's dirt poor and living in mud huts and hovels? that's all you ever see on TV and in movies here in the US.... if it's an accurate depiction of the economy of Kuwait, who aside from one or two sheiks will be able to afford to live there? and no im not trolling, im seriously asking so if the question offends you... screw yourself lol.
Cookie Monster
A city named after himself, how wonderful
They really wanted to build a city by the sea, didn't they ? Geez !
by use of human slaves ... disgusting. The King is a PIG who orders murders and uses slaves like its nothing, as are his brothers.
Rob Wills
Committed work force of mostly slave labor.
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CRAZY Ideas That Actually Building Sea City (Engineering Documentary) 4 months ago   09:26

Any time you’re faced with a problem, surely you’ve racked a few stupid ideas through your mind before you found a practical solution. But once in awhile, it seems those outlandish solutions might just actually be solutions. Here’s 15 times those crazy ideas actually worked.

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6. Goggles For Dogs
Do dogs really need an accessory? Surely all the cutesy clothes and even collars we place on them is enough. However, as ridiculous as the phrase “dog goggles” seems for anyone, it’s a business venture that’s worked out in the dog goggle manufacturers favor. The inventor of the product known as the “doggles” is Jill Doyle and while most would quip that these things look ridiculous, the goggles protect your dog’s eyes from the UV rays of the sun. Since dogs need to run around outside as much as possible, some owners would like to take the extra precaution. The company that sells doggles makes around $5 million in revenue every year and also includes products that are prescribed lenses for dogs with visual impairments.

5. Dropped and Shipped
Speaking of conscientious dog owners, let’s take a look at the opposite side of the spectrum. Dog owners in the Madrid suburb of Brunete, Spain were said to have a bad habit of not picking up after their dogs. This problem was becoming such an issue, that efforts were made to stop this problem. And instead of just issuing fines, officials found a better way to to deal with the unsanitary problem. A group of volunteers would look out for the dogs and their owners, bag the poop themselves, and then send it in the mail back to the owners. The practice has said to be highly effective, with the number of dog droppings around Brunete being considerably fewer.

4. Fisherman Wearing Masks
A lot of animals aren’t particularly stupid, especially a beast like a Bengal Tiger. However, just because they’re not stupid doesn’t mean they’re super aware of human devices, even one as simple as a mask. Fisherman in the Ganges Delta were dealing with Bengal Tigers sneaking up on them as they tried to do their job and it was becoming a dangerous problem. Instead of hurting the tigers or just moving the a different location, it seemed all that was needed was a prop. To scare away tigers approaching them behind, the fisherman were instructed to wear these masks of a human face, which seemed to trick most tigers into thinking a human being had spotted them. Or the face on the mask is just that displeasing that it just scares them off.

3. Bottled Air
You’ve probably heard about people complaining about bottled water, how it’s all a sham and that clean drinking water should come free anyways. So then think about the concept of bottled air. Now that you’ve thought about it for a bit, just know you can buy said product. Vitality Air was created by a Canadian startup company who sell cans of what is said to be “100% pure Rocky Mountain air” for about $32 each. Sounds crazy, sure, but the little novelty product has made loads for itself and it’s said places with higher air pollution are the locations of the biggest buyers of the bottled air.

2. Shade Balls
The phrase “shade balls” could mean a lot to people if you weren’t aware of context. But what they actually refer to are the millions of plastic balls that were dumped into the Ivanhoe Reservoir in Los Angeles 2 years ago. The reason stems down to the continuing drought that the state of California has been going through. Placing the 4 inch thick plastic balls in the water would help shade the water from the hot sun, reducing rapid evaporation. Thus, things like bacteria and algae would be less likely to form, and certain chemical substances wouldn’t be able to be produced.

Pigs With Munchies
Stigma against legalized marijuana has slowly been falling away, especially not that places like Washington State have implemented it legally. But farmers in said state have also implemented the plant, and not in the way you probably think. Instead, cannabis has been incorporated into the pig feed and it’s said to increase the weight of the pigs to up to 30 pounds more--for reasons you can imagine. Eating this new feed has made the pigs here bigger than pigs in other parts of country usually are, which only means good things for the farming trade in Washington.