The World's Best Mouse Trap? The Weirdest Mouse Trap Ever 2 weeks ago   11:28

Shawn Woods
My All Time Favorite Mouse Trap! Automatic 3D Printed Walk The Plank. Mousetrap Monday.
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Shawn Woods
Currently This Trap In Sold Out and Not Available.
Check out Nicola's youtube channel:
Kadde026 Rågångsvägen sörby big boysen
Whats its name
james basmne
This is totally scripted. I've tried to get wild animals to eat in front of a camera they don't take kindly to audiences.
Hello shawn can you review human catching traps??
Kevin Ritchie
YOu should make your mice some helmets for their Pretty cool trap!
Enclavious Firaga
YouTube is now for babies. LAME. I'm gonna watch best gore
GasFromMyAnus I0I
Seeing all those animals made me think about playing TOOTH AND TAIL
awesome design, love resetting traps. for version 2, it would be super easy to install a couple of 18650's or a small battery pack, small waterproof door to enclose all the electronics.
6:30 wut the heeell. Where do you live, arizona?
4:12 lmao
I can imagine making a primitive one with a spring..
Triforce Tritack
This makes me feel bad for the mice... But cool I guess?
Daniel Lim
Why the blur
This guy has answered the question of how do i ethically kill animals on YouTube without seeming like a psycho, great stuff. Appreciate how you don't let them go to waste and we get to see nature run its course, and the cat l, i feel sad for the cat. Keep it up man
Pixel Fox
That trap is like "don't touch me!" lol!
Misaki Kuran
I would be the mouse that freaks out by the clicking noise and accidentally kill myself
Queen BerLin
The fox is so cute
Big Chungus
I love this guys videos they’re so entertaining, maybe can he try to catch the stray cat and help him out?
Poor mice :( What did they to you?
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The Weirdest Mouse Trap Ever The World's Best Mouse Trap? 2 weeks ago   05:06

The Weirdest Mouse Trap Ever - Life-size Plastic Cat That Actually Catches Mice.
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