Ancient Egyptian Music - The Nile Ancient Egyptian Music: The Bazaar 2 days ago   04:03

Brandon Fiechter
Ancient Egyptian music about the life-giving waters of the Nile, which caused the Egyptian civilization to flourish. This music that I composed is called The Nile River.

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Song: The Nile River
Album: Desert Sands
Year: 2014
Music Copyright © Brandon Fiechter


Amazing picture is used with permission from Damnans from DeviantArt.

#egyptian #egypt #pyramid #nileriver #sand #desert #documentary #sphinx #pharaoh #moses #mosesmusic #mummy

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Charan P
when i listen to this i feel like the world is about end
Fajri Reynaldo
Love it ,from Indonesia 😍
Lucas Olivera
Soy Uruguayo!! Pero mis oídos piden música egipcia 😍👏🏻🎵🎼 me eleva al nivel q necesito llegar!!
ali joumaa
What is the name of the instrument plz
Diane Threadgold
I love anything to do with Egypt 👍👍👍👍🎵🎵🎧
Steven Wood
Another reason I want to learn about Egyptology 😍😍
Harpreet Kaur
Egypt is incredible place and unbelievable history. Egypt is famous for pyramid..and first country discover calendar... lovely place
hams ayman
I'm proud because I'm from Egypt
Aryan Jatin
Oh I remember those old days when I used to rule there
I feel my self now like a princ
Love this music 💖💖 I'm from india.
speed ismail
assassin creed
Elemental Entity
This takes me back to my days growing up in 1300 BC, man how times have changed.
Sarolta Nagy
Mag-yar-ul csodálatos!
manu bhardwaj
So beautiful song
Ahana Roy
From my childhood i love this music. From india🇮🇳 its feel like I somehow related to this music.
Alexandra Gavrila
This is perfect!!!!
Nico Cione
#Brandon Fiechter,reminds me of a hot summer day.

I am indian
I am tamilan
Mother of all language
Mother of all civilization
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Ancient Egyptian Music: The Bazaar Ancient Egyptian Music - The Nile 2 days ago   05:25

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..Wandering through the main bazaar in Thebes today. People everywhere, showing me their greatest bargains and prized produce. I head straight for the stall with baskets and baskets of herbs and plant powders. Even a couple of yards away, one can smell the intoxicating aromas of Egypts finest produce. There are those that have travelled with their caravans loaded with roots and resins like Frankincense and Myrrh from the lands of Punt. They say that Queen Hatshepsut orders it by the tonne-load- and I believe it, because it smells incredible.
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