Russ - Paranoid (Official Audio) Russ - The Flute Song (Official 2 days ago   03:04

Paranoid is available here:

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Brady M. Wilson
Mikala Christian
People get crazy i understand but you dont need to be paranoid let all that wash away security is an illusion anyways meditation is for sure key
Nilisha Rampersad
With that akon flare
Janice Johnson
That man said be "tryin to play it cool but deep down feel like YG bitch stay dangerous"
Jake G
This song gives me an Akon vibe!
Vai James
where the f*** youve been, ive been waiting for along time
Soffy Razali
When is it the music video will out? Cannot wait
Andrei Abrudan
Damn good
once you jongin you cant jongout
I only pray russ does not get mainstream
Lyster Fordjour
try 1.25x playback speed🔥
Alexandra Phelps
Alexis Torrez
Zach Wirth
right on russ, Cha!
Abhishek Mukherjee
Still, people gonna pee in their pyjama for lil pump n shit
king god
Buy his shit everyone
Dad: Turn this off
Me: Why
Dad: We have louder speakers downstairs
Nene Ware
I see you boy !! Russ is dope asf
Jevee Valiente
dude , i'm a new fan , and i love your music. keep it up , thank you
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Russ - The Flute Song (Official Russ - Paranoid (Official Audio) 2 days ago   02:31

My new album, ZOO, is available here:

Song produced by Scott Storch @scottstorchofficial

Video directed by Edgar Esteves

Twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess
Instagram : @russ @edgarestevess
Facebook : @russtheone