The International Space Station: Together Reentry in a shuttle in KSP 1 day ago   08:43

As the International Space Station Program completes 10 years of continuous human presence, administrators and former crewmembers discuss its past, present and future. The first residents, astronaut Bill Shepherd and cosmonauts Sergei Krikalev and Yuri Gidzenko came aboard the ISS on Nov. 2, 2000 on Expedition 1.

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Abin Paulson
I love astronomy
M Venu
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dracula bangkit
ISS minus china
Mustafique Mohd
My dream is work in space nasa
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Wa Ode Asliati
NASA tipu banyak orng
Carmencita Lopez
Double Lukha Entertainment
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If I personal dont go to moon or to mars i dont believe nothing is nice to look it but not to bieleve it!
moe al
mhhm space and power I love it !! would always feel the strength if there was a limit!!!!
Asha Mashaka
jose Gracia
como desde que punto esta filmando la estación espacial para que se vea desde el espacio
atheia kid
awesome 👍🏻
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Force Ghost
Earth - 6:55
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Reentry in a shuttle in KSP The International Space Station: Together 1 day ago   08:20

Reentry in a shuttle in KSP. This mission involved bringing several nukes to orbit and removing a couple poodle engines that were no longer needed. Shuttles are very good at these kinds of tasks. Since one of the poodles still had fuel, I used it for my reentry burn and then transferred the remainder to my main tank.