Malibu Under Attack: First investigating femas mass graves 6 months ago   19:38

Jane Tande
My search led me right to FEMA in Malibu on December 2, 2018, one day before they close Pacific Coast Highway for 20 days. Lots of activity was occurring in Malibu, even on a Sunday! More and more signs of Agenda 21 & the warp speed rapid deployment of 5G.

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C Rock
Do some videos on 5Gs going up through California
Paula Dedfendall
Jane I wonder if you ever watch RFB he sure has a lot of interesting things to say about all of this spraying.
Patty Freeman
Why doesn't the people band together & do something ?? It's not enough just to be awake , our time is limited. Please think of the children. May God be with us all.
andy being invaded
are they doing stuff to the schools wonder if they'll make them into holding remand centres. over in Melbourne they started building masters everywhere then they went broke there 3 or 4 been vacant for years and they look like they were built with security of a jail
Angelica Orozco
Please join fb stop5g
5g is part of Agenda 20/30
Look at all those mobile minis.. My god ....
Yep this will be base camp for sure. They making sure they have underground security before they really pull out FEMA
Discusting what they are doing. They will destroy our country for the greed and power. Silicon valley I'm sure is sitting pretty. Trump is trying. Do you see the evil ? This is the evil they were planning all along if she won. She didn't. And now we have them poisoning everybody. Pray. Cause we need God and Trump and Q to take them down.
They are losing power and they know it. So this is speeding up disease ..havoc...despair...they tried everything else...get out of California. Watch how the homeless will disappear soon. Deleted. Then citizens. Celebs prob fine. They also corrupt. WAKE UP PEOPLE. THE LEFT WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING BEFORE THEY LOSE THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER.
They all underground where its safe. And they will destroy aboveground. This is what happens when new world order by the Cabal / Left (who Cali keeps voting for ) inst stopped. CIA MEDIA LEFT ? Corrupt. If Trump had not won this would be already completed. Only thing saving you from FEMA is Trump. Pray that they do not get their way! They dont care about anybody. Especially California. They need the land not the people.
We should have a Blue Skies March across America!!!! Someone should hash tag this. LOL I am not on twitter.
Totally. You are right about everything and it is sad that only a few of us look up, around and wonder about things. That is what I like about you. You wonder about things. Sad that a whole bunch of folks do not wonder anymore about things, but instead they wonder about people wondering. I felt like I was in the car with you. Wish I was your side kick, but glad to know you have one and a good one at that. Good Work Jane!
isabel Hughes
Get you a Nikon p900 or a p1000
carolyn brannon
We need to sue the pilots.
Meg B
Did you put the definition for “contrail” above the description?
Jennifer Blankenship
Haven't seen you and hope you are hanging in there on the front lines. Be strong Jane. Please keep filming strange things. I know you have a life and a family but your videos are important. Go to Sky Watchers. He presents photos from all over the world and is based in the UK. At least we are not alone. Blessings to you!!!
Jennifer Blankenship
We have so much spraying going on in Colorado. We all get headaches in my little town. I got the 'flu' right after Christmas. Now my lymph nodes are swollen and it has never happened. Do the chemtrails make you ill?
Deb Pfleiger
Maybe the digging and new asfault has something to do with tunnels?? Covering up areas that had asfault with new asfault after digging?? Maybe building tunnels?? I don't know, just a thought.
Mairice Wilson
Just who is doing all this destruction are all the nations in cahoots?
There setting up the earth for the end game, and its sad nobody's paying attention
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investigating femas mass graves Malibu Under Attack: First 6 months ago   08:49

investigating the fema activity in a local military cemetery in houston texas to see if there linked with other mass graves in the us