Malibu Under Attack: First investigating femas mass graves 1 week ago   19:38

Jane Tande
My search led me right to FEMA in Malibu on December 2, 2018, one day before they close Pacific Coast Highway for 20 days. Lots of activity was occurring in Malibu, even on a Sunday! More and more signs of Agenda 21 & the warp speed rapid deployment of 5G.

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Marie H
I take pictures of the trails every time I see them but I know there is nothing I can do about it which is frustrating.
whirling dervish
they are fast too...
I'd enjoy seeing the zoom in to the belly of the plane...
Old Glory
Watching this for more then 5 years. @OldBanner on twitter.
TheEnd GameFL
And what else did I see? Malibu is not under attack - Malibu is dead! California is dead - Sweden is dead - Italy is dead - France is dead - Germany is dead - MOSTLY ALL COUNTRIES ARE DEAD toadays.
Jean D
This is the first time I've visited your channel and I have to say I laughed to myself when i saw that Youtube had put a encyclopedia Britannica description of a contrail under your video. Youtube pushing their lies on anyone who knows the truth's channel makes me sick. I digress, anyone who thinks chemtrails are contrails are soooo stupid and misinformed. You are a very smart woman, ty for your video.
TheEnd GameFL
Dear woman - you give me a little glimps of hope!!! Thank you. I wish everybody would do same like you and me!!! Thank God you are here and helping to get the truth out! Subscribed.
Allejulia Reams
WHEN FIRES START IT'S DOOMSDAY - So, When are you people in California going to get lawyers to file claims against your political dopes and even do a class action suit against your State / County / and city. THEY WANTED TO DRIVE YOU OUT OF YOUR LAND FOR THEIR AGENDA 20/21 OR 30 .... they know the lands they want and they took them - not even by eminent domain --- what the Hell, they are stealing the land from you - just as we did from the Native Indian Tribes who lived her for thousands of years.
Colt Allan
The contrail banner is very deceptive! What a lie! 🤔 they should be honorable and stop lying and put up a banner for climate engineering. Contrails don’t make lines in the sky that turn into white hazy clouds! You can clearly see what’s going on if you just investigate, research and look up!
Hah! Look at the "Contrail" disinfo bar beneath the video! SMH, I wasn't terribly concerned by what I was seeing until you came upon the multitude of mobile minis!, something about those are not good!.
Danny Bahee
The devil's tree, or the tree of the beast, cell towers
Rebecca Bates
Fema has everything to do with whats going on
The peoples republic of California
A contrail from a chemtrail plane is fishing the bottom of their tanks for the next load
They are collapsing the atmosphere, sulphur dioxide at high altitudes. Their plan is to kill us
Alex Jones listen to Alex Jones ! How about exploring the secret ufo base in Santa Monica bay I think you can still find it on you tube. Then draw a line back to Coast Highway. Strange people in that area 🦹🏻‍♂️
Pauleen White
Are the new ashvalt parking places got wires or metal for combustion of cars ?
Pauleen White
I filmed a chemtrail in Tasmania and even though the crap just kept spreading and no sound at all people said it was a con trail people are blind and just plain dumb and when I talk about these issues they tell me I'm just nuts or scoff at me.
Pauleen White
Don't your people see any of this they must be brain-dead if they can't see what's happening open your eyes people and I hope our father save you all and if it can happen there it can happen anywhere.
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investigating femas mass graves Malibu Under Attack: First 1 week ago   08:49

investigating the fema activity in a local military cemetery in houston texas to see if there linked with other mass graves in the us