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Too often, a speaker loses his audience before he even gets to the core of his speech. In this video, Deborah Grayson Riegel teaches viewers how to create terrific openings and closings to presentations.

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Abdulahi Abdi Abi
billy opiyo
wonderful i need more
Im going for class rep... wish me luck!
Jane Yu
Hernan Perez
U lost me already
Ell Caroline
Amazing advertising advices. Introduction with a great wrap up...a call to access the main message and lessons as product for purchase...
Katia Daza
Goog video thanks ♡♡♡
No offense but her eyebrows are always so high if feel like they would fall of her head.
Christina M
So helpful! Better to listen at 1.25 speed. :)
Desia Ellis
Brilliant I love the technique
Cody Boone
I fell asleep watching this
Sakshi Royal
Prisentation mat bolo , it's presentation
Rakshita Patil
How to write republic day vote of thanks speech in English mam
Philip Tirpak
Thanks Deborah, this was a good, basic message that hit on many of the important points of introductions and conclusions. I am going to share this with my classes and am sure that they will be able to use many of the techniques. Everything is not relevant to the presentations they will be delivering but I will cover those, (this doesn't make the entire message irrelevant, however.) I have read through the comments and have to say for those who have the attention span of a flea, are just ready to criticize without thinking, and think they know best, guess what? They don't.
Ruby Bharti
Can I too work with u
Ashitasavlin Kuldeep
Thank you 😇
Hacker Name
it is so boring. it makes me feel disappointed
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Presenting & Public Speaking Tips Great Openings and Closings 2 days ago   06:11

Tips on how to improve your Presentation & Public Speaking skills & confidence.

We have trained presenters all over the world for more than 40 years and understand what a daunting and difficult task public speaking can be!

We hope you find this video useful the next time you are preparing to get up and address a large audience.

We have also produced a "Top Tips" video on how to present when you are feeling nervous and you can see that video by clicking on this link:

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