Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving The Trial Of R. Kelly: Reactions To First 2 weeks ago   24:20

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Kelly is just a pimp, the blk community is FULL of them. Taking a female’s money is just one small aspect of being a pimp. They want your heart, your mind, your soul first. Taking the money is just a symptom. For me the real question is, when is our community going to stop glorifying human trafficking (rap, misogyny, etc.). Everybody is trying to act shocked but it’s pimpin’, Pimpin’ and too many blk folks know a Kelly. Just Kelly didn’t need their money.
maria escareno
I'm not defending or condoning what R Kelly has done it's sickening but he also was molested and is acting out on what happened to him, he needs help maybe in jail. But also this girl was of age doing the same as RKelly to young girls so she needs to go to jail too! FOR heavens sake she was intimate with a 14 year old does she think it's ok??? Her excuse is cause she was in love and wanted to help him so does that make it ok for her to be intimate with a minor?? Shes just as sick as him!!Where the heck where the parents??? You can't blame it all on Kelly!! I say Kelly, the girls and the parents are responsible!! There are many girls getting raped and killed daily that should be our focus, apparently the parents the girls and the ladies over 18 all condoned to this in some kind of way, they all have issues they all need help!!!
Marilyn Bradley
Is Charlamagne calling the kettle black
Now link up with white victims of these white predators how are in far greater numbers and bring their nasty asses to justice. But thats not going to happen and if you did there wont be a single camera or microphone following you.
Khadejah Muhammad
If I'm not mistaken. Lisa didn't testify in the case because she wasn't a credible witness..
Khadejah Muhammad
Oh yeah and she was granted immunity.. What you get immunity for honey?
Khadejah Muhammad
Is she a woman? I'm just saying she has an unusual sized neck..
Joe Smith
She just confessed to raping a 14 year old minor when she was 18 because she was in love. she said she didnt know her age i guess if she knew her age she would not have done it sound like she had a choice she should not have sex with underage girls take Accountability for your actions 18 year old grown women that is rape
Joe Smith
She had sex with a 14 year old she was wrong no one put a gun to her head yall dumb as hell just cause you regret something later dont mean someone forced you
I agree with her reasoning at around 9:14. Crazy stuff happens in the psyche of someone's who's molested by their own 16 year old sister...
rasheed rashad
They go way to easy oh her. Sorry hard to have sympathy for these women. They all knew, or should have known about R Kelly, If he was R Kelly the bus driver they wouldn't be in a room with him breathing the same air. They know that motherfucker is crazy. The dumbest thing women do is trying to be a savior. Out of all the people in the world you are the one going to save him. It's not about him it's about them. If they're not doing it for money or notoriety so they can tell thier friends they fucked a celebrity then why?
Carrie Kittles
I think she tried to insinuate and add that he was low key gay saying he likes things in his butt!! I’ve never heard that! I believe some of these women but I believe some of it was over exaggerated. Like you don’t have to sell us a story when we believe you already!! How about everyone takes a lie detector test, even Rkelly! Then he really deals with the demons and gets the necessary help to move forward from this. I also do think he should sit in a room with a psychologist and the women he’s been with including Andrea and listens to them from the heart then he acknowledges his actions and the help is there for him.
Erron Black
I don't understand why they staying at his house tho 🤷🏽‍♂️
It's not about me..its about R Kelly...all I hear is I'm not taking responsibility for my actions until I die..I'll blame R Kelly until death for the rain,the London bridge falling ,and any thing else that doesn't go my way.
She never been to therapy?#mutefakevictims
Wtf in parts of this video this girl refers to Reshona as his god daughter but then when asked who the girl is from the video with her face blurred out from the docu series she says she has no idea...but apparently in the beginning she says she knew the girl and the girl was underage and that's why she exposed the video!?!? But later she refers to her as that girl!?!? Hmmm idk sounds weird...oh ya and they asked her what kinda therapy she has had to hAve and BOOM she says in15 yrs she has had no therapy!!! Lol ya ok you were just another thot thot that wanted to be with him but he didn't wanna be faithful to you so ya you mad girl!!!
Brenda Hicks
I love yes songs
Tiara Wiley-King
I wonder how much she getting paid to talk. She so distraught yet on errbody show
Saywtfiwant Saywtfiwant
I believe Lisa Van 1000%, I also loved how she completely controlled this phone interview, she didn't allow none of the panel to over talk her or discredit what happened to her. On this particular interview, Charlamain should have been nowhere in the room, seeing that he to has been accused of or contributing to sexual misconduct with a minor💯🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷🤔🤷.
Naystaxxz and Friends
Yah should've asked who is training the girls
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The Trial Of R. Kelly: Reactions To First Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving 2 weeks ago   13:09

Ebro is back! After last night's premiere of 'Surviving R. Kelly' on Lifetime, the Ebro in the Morning crew breaks down their reactions to the show, and their thoughts on the rumors, allegations, and reports of R. Kelly.



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