Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving The Trial Of R. Kelly: Reactions To First 5 months ago   24:20

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Oletta Wisemon
She's got truth problems I can hear it in her voice, she wanted to be the special person and she's mad because it didn't happen!!. Greed and evil influences
Oletta Wisemon
This is a 🎪, some these are not under age women, R. K is not the first man they been with, lots girls this age are very promiscious, having sex with many grown up men, usually for money. So you can imagine how many them was chasing after him. They liked what they was doing until the money ran out, or they was not his special one, then they had a problem with it, the parents I believe from what they are saying there was black mail ramphant, prosituting their daughters to get more money outta RK, throwing them at him. Some was going and coming as they please, lying to parents, most appeared unconcerned about what they was doing, that is very common with most parents don't really care about what their children and doing. They are both out doing their own thing!!. They are encouraging them to have sex for money. It's a common situation where children and parents don't even know where each other is most of the time. They are left to do whatever they want to do. Look at the Foster Care System, Soo many parents are negligent, self centered, unloving, don't wanna be bothered, are not responsible, they are poor role models, worldly, into themselves don't want to be loving caring parents, all running the streets. Don't have a clue to where each other is!!. This is very common leaving young children alone, no food, heat, sick, not in school, some gone for weeks, in another state. Or off into drugs, the F.Care System is spilling over with unfit, negligent, abusive parents. All these parents are responsible for knowing where they daughters are and what they are doing!!. These are hell bent on greed, I'm not that easily fooled, he didn't make them do nothing, they was victimizing R.K. where are y'all, and them, getting all they medical knowledge from, if you was that smart you maybe wouldn't have been messing around with a grown up man in the first place!!. they can diagnose him as having a problem, a skilled Doctor can't, he wouldn't have enough data, other tests, pt. Info from pt. He have to do a indepth physiological, and psycological work up before he can diagnose a patient!!, Consisting of an Assessment, med., and lab.studies, examinations, 0bservation, his expertise, years of education, clinical field experience, Y'all's don't know anything about what is normal or abnormal about him, because you believe everything you hear you have not seen him do nothing that saying. , if he's got a problem nobody on here have any evidence of anything!!. No doctor can make a diagnosis useing this approach!!. Every body on here that's diagnosing him don't know what you are talking about. No Board Certified Psychiatrist would attempt to diagnose Anybody on nothing these women are saying, that is not the way a diagnoses is done!!. Y'all's are not Psychiatris have no training in that field. We not talking about a common cold, or you missed your period!!, I have 15 Psychology, Psychology is the field of study, relating to human behavior, is a very complicated field of medicine and y'all's need to stop playing Doctor. If medicine was that easy to learn why would doctors spend all those years in med., schoo??.6/14/19.Fri.
Oletta Wisemon
Jerry Lee Lewis married his 12 or 13 year old cousin, nothing was done about that, it's not /that uncommon in the US to get married at 15, parents sign or, they forge the document. The Bible says a person is responsible/accountable when they reach the age of knowing right from wrong!!, So mans laws holds the man wrong, but God is going to hold these young women/girls and R K equally wrong, for fornication, If he did have mutual sexual intercourse with any one. In Biblical days it was very common to get married at 12 yrs old. These are mostly just the difference in man's and God's laws, but the Bible do say obey the laws of the land. 6/14/19.Fri.9:26PM.
Steph E.
Lisa is a man! Look at that thumbnail!😱
Alex Sarlie
Trevor Noah explained it best about his music being streamed more because everytime it was covered in the news they played his songs so it was like free advertising.
Malicious Conspiracy
*Bullshit, this woman is a HOE*
Tamara lovett
Lisa Van Allen she took of the tape she wasn't on it she took it to blackmail him why you going to take a tape you not on it that don't make no sense
Tamara lovett
if you was pregnant by this man pulled the receipts out you had a abortion people can say anything if you don't back it up
Tamara lovett
this lady right here is a liar her friend is calling her out on Facebook her boyfriend looking for a come up off of her selling them books he is telling people support her book like they support a black business
Sophia Bulgaria
Dre on Vlad said Lisa Van Allen would walk around the studio in nothing but panties for all to see ( when she was good and grown)
Lenard is gay. He perks up way too much on the subject. He may not have jumpedvin the deep end of the pool yet but he’s definitely playing Marco Poli in the shallow end. He has done and said way too much to nit br seen as a rapist and a pedo himself!
HillbillyNitro USA
She forgot to mention the 250k her and a couple dudes made off of R Kelly for some tape they stole from him and threatened to leak it to media. She said she walked away with 100k out of that ransom deal in a Vlad interview... Wonder why she left that out...? Why take money ($100k) for a piece of evidence that could expose someone she says is supposedly a sexual predator?
Davin Lewis
Shanta W
Herpes is not contagious at all times. It is contagious about 24 hours before you have a breakout and during the breakout. But in between it is not able to be passed to another person. Also some people have Herpes and never have an outbreak.
20:53 CTG don't be so ignorant right now, it is not illegal to have things or fingers penetrate you anally if that's what you want. So why is it that we specifically need THOSE VIDEOS? I hope you're just being silly.
evolutionary transgression
20:18 was r kelly into young boys?
shawanda brown
She mentioned the 14 year-old in the videos name
Banita Marie
I think the music sales going up is because of people going back and re-listening and trying to put the pieces together after all this coming out to see if there's a connection.
Nikki Lynn
Thank you so much for speaking your truth, sweetie! Anyone on here that's running their mouths, need to feel ashamed of themselves. Trying to discredit you and all the other victims, says way more about the person saying these things than the mess they're attempting to put out there bout y'all!! Always know that. What these dumb asses fail to realize is that you all were essentially children when these things happened. Just because y'all had the body's of adult women, it doesn't mean your minds and maturity levels were grown as well. With time, comes maturity and wisdom. No one is as naive as they were at the age of 14. Ppl need to remember that! Fear would have kept me silent. And so would manipulation. Something he was and appears to STILL be a master at. Again, I'm so proud of you for speaking your truth. Keep it up and dont for a second, let these dogs on here make you feel like you need to be quiet. That's their only goal. To silence you. You ARE inspiring strength and courage in all of us. So thank you!! A million times over, THANK YOU.
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The Trial Of R. Kelly: Reactions To First Lisa Van Allen Speaks Out On 'Surviving 5 months ago   13:09

Ebro is back! After last night's premiere of 'Surviving R. Kelly' on Lifetime, the Ebro in the Morning crew breaks down their reactions to the show, and their thoughts on the rumors, allegations, and reports of R. Kelly.



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