Live Stream 1: Joseph in Manila, Platypus & Farewell Girlfriend, Tidbinbilla 2 days ago   2:30:50

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Guests: Joseph My Life In Metro Manila, Canadian Kamote Rider, & Scott Lisenbury. Talking about travel & Philippines. Live stream 1, 16-September-2018.

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B Adventures, Australian Travel Vlogger.
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Smooth Criminal
Awesome show Brendan! You should do this more often
Nakky Dave
B Adventures! It's good
to see you again
kw travels
Hey Brandon long time subscriber here love your work are you traveling this year if so where and when?
Glenn Wheeler
Hey B, was this your first live video? I don't recall any others anyway. And happy recent birthday to you. So how old are you now? I rode bikes for 20 years, from 78-98.
kyle james
B adventures joseph is a bumb he has no life no money hes living off his friends dime he stays in there condo if it wasnt for his freinds he wont b in phillippines he has no money and he brings his 17 son to phillippines to b a bumb also no school juts stay in side playing video games all day he has all these ideas open a cafe its funny hes spending his friends money and he talks all this shit about all theses bikes he will buy and he has a cheap 80k russi diablo hes a joke hes 41 with no plan ur a good vlogger and u no ur limits what u can afford joseph is trying to live a luxeries lifstyle on a poor mans budget id stay away from him hes such a big bullshitter he talks a big game on his live streams and he will do nothing i think hes doing it so people talk and like him if they really no him they would laugh at him juts my opionon c ya
Exploratory Glory
love the Philippines my home, Im subbed, salamat
who is the real grade f celebrity on this stream mate?. oh, wait!.. wheres that sezty stud muffin anyway?
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Platypus & Farewell Girlfriend, Tidbinbilla Live Stream 1: Joseph in Manila, 2 days ago   10:27

Real Platypus & farewell girlfriend. The Sanctuary, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Australia Vlog 75.

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B Adventures, Australian travel vlogger.
#HikingAustralia #Platypus #GirlfriendDate