Crazy CVS Extreme couponing ! Easy Dollar General $5/$25 Baby 1 day ago   22:20

one cute couponer
I decided to go to CVS(shocker!), & see if any deals would pop out at me. Then the fun happened!

DEAL ENDS 3/16/19

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Where do I get my coupons from ?

💖To order Pre clipped coupons
Use code:CUTE for 20% off

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my city is super windy today, for some reason i got $14 back instead of just the $10
WELL... when i went to load my car i opened my trunk to attempt to get all this detergent in the car... and my receipt with the $10 extrabucks flew away!! along with some of my cash...
I started chasin my receipt and money,( it was super windy) and before i could chase my stuff down i look back at my cart and its flying down the parking lot, had to do a COMPLETE U TURN!! Good news, i got the cart back, BAD NEWS i lost my $10 receipt ! Such a bitter sweet day!! lmao!
Michelle Zamora
Lol my store has an upstairs so I thought they were all the same and all stores had upstairs 😂
Edivette Sanchez
You got yourself a new subscriber, I love your enthusiasm 😁
Debbie Crothers
I would love to get 30 bottles. None would go to waste.
GIRL ..I JUST LOVE YOU !!!! I'm new at this and you make it so UNDERSTANDABLE !! Im home for the next week...let me tell you ..I'm going to binge watch your VLOGS and cut coupons ,,OH HAPPY DAY !!!!!!
melodie washington
Please let me know when this sell is on again at CVS the Xtra liquid detergent. The 3/3 wad a damn good deal. I truly wish a goid Samaritan would on a couple of bottles this time. It would be greatly aporeciated. I am brand new beginner extreme couponer. I wish I would known then about this amazin deal.
melodie washington
How much was the Xtra Detergent? Did you use any coupons on this transactions? What was the cost of Xtra Detergent?
melodie washington
How do you earn CVS extra bucks?
Andrea Absolom
Omg that detergent would almost last me 7 months what a deal too bad I live in another country, xxx
Hannah's cleaning services! !
You are awesome you’ve showed me everything you need to know about couponing or deal chasing
Carmen Reyes
Thank you Ms. Erica, love your vids!!. I feel so blessed to have found your channel. I am soo happy that you are doing CVS break downs and videos. Please continue to bring us this helpful and amazing videos. Blessing to you and yours.
Lou Hoggard
Thank for the warning. We had a lady kidnapped from our mall. They were asking directions. They molested and killed her . She was in her seventies.
catracha V.
But first shop was 9 bottle where it's the $10 then other 9 bottle more it's should $20
catracha V.
I get my free because a familie member work at a warehouse that throw out product items got damaged n the employee take them put it at their car because it's good use but packages only got damage. Need replace it put it other items n use the.
My families member give it to me n give to sister too...

Detergent, dish soap, softener, 1 time I got 4 pack bring 39 diaper...
Put powered detergent socts on the black cloth....
anna kacso
Nasty fake detergent tho
Omg I just saw this when does it end? (CVS is 1 hour away lol)
Sonia Garnica
In Chicago this soap going to be 3 for $4 starting tomorrow
I've been watching but never subscribed but your personality is liiitttt.
Kristine Charlton
O.k.....30 bottles for thirty dollars then add in the 10 dollars brings the price to 67.5 cents a piece
Briseida Morfin
Did u know that u could use a manufactor coupon and cvs coupon on one item, plus u can use extra bucks on top of that if u have one, i read it on cvz coupon policy
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Dollar General $5/$25 Baby Crazy CVS Extreme couponing ! Easy 1 day ago   19:14

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Where do I get my coupons from ?

💖To order Pre clipped coupons
Use code:CUTE for 20% off

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