Shannon Sharpe DELIGHT Lakers BREAKING! Kevin Durant CALLS 1 week ago   10:49

KANG TA CrossFire
Shannon Sharpe DELIGHT Lakers defeat Spurs 121-113; LeBron: 42 Pts (20 in 4th) - Undisputed
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Marc Gregory Medina
The world is getting weirder
Maurice Jackson
Nigga said skip u be dry snitching bwhahahaaaaaa!!!
Garrison Armand
Shannon bocky asl 😭😭
richard escobar
Skip aint got nothing on shannon sharpe's ripness.
Grail Archie
When Jenny laughs @ 19 sec. I lose it. every time I watch. Skip is hard to watch with that level of hatred.
Thelionbearali Channel
Fuuuuuuuck skip
Shannon looks like he can still hang in the NFL man
Charlie Bucket
Shannon is a bootlicker.
Javier Salazar
Skip is just fucking ridiculous.
Keiven Dooley
Skip doesn't really know sports 💯
Joshua Sanchez
I think it's funny how SHARP calls lebron the goat and they talk about the lakers beating the spurs 1 out of 4 times! Haha how come they dont talk about the spurs beating the fakers 3 out of 4 times? That would make lequeen and the fakers look really bad huh ha?!😂😂😂
steven sparkz
shannon setting blacks another 100 years . smh
Have you watched lebron James before?

Why is he so good?

Because he’s lebron james
Taylor Donelson
The thumbnail alone tells you how dedicated my guy is!!
Langhorn Chimmens
Shannon lookin like he could go to the UFC and clear out the heavyweight division
Shaggster 258
why Shannon Sharpe look like the booty warrior off the Boondocks
Thomas Harris
Skip be hatin cuz
mike fen
Greg Popovich said have watch lebron play before, that was golden response
John Appleseed
Haters always find something to make their point..freethrows, spurs were a weak team now..skip face it...a win is a win.. shame on you
Lmfao pop 😂
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BREAKING! Kevin Durant CALLS Shannon Sharpe DELIGHT Lakers 1 week ago   12:09

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