Ninja Thinks This Guy is HACKING, New World Record Mongraal Editing 2 months ago   10:54

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Ninja Thinks This Guy is HACKING, but it's ACTUALLY Tfue! *PUBLIC MATCH 1v1*

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Maizeon Haskins
Tfue wasn't scared to kill ninja
Demarian Monroe
•Grape Juicy•
ninja said a**
Ryan's got gaming
Tfue would kick ninjas a in a 1v1
Harvey Mann
ninja trash tfue boss
Nathan Narez/arias
Nice vide
Mrgolden Guy
Like tfue comment nerd ninja
FL Kingmadu77
Ninja is nooob
ikku kp
great video and good luck!!!!!
Cristian Amador
Tfue is hacking
Sloan Rosinsky
Ninja sucks
Megan Orick
Send it tfue gobble gobble
Lindsay Caballero
I am better than both name is LikeThe Pro
aydan Parr
I did it
Kathy Peralta
this is the beast
Jay Mackay
Ninja is better than tfue because tfue hacks✌️
Tyisha Smith
Night Shade
I hate ninja thinking he's better than everyone and when someone is better than him he thinks their hackers
Ricky Wild
I thort that ninja was better then tufue but tufue is better
tj spears
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New World Record Mongraal Editing Ninja Thinks This Guy is HACKING, 2 months ago   13:08

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