Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review Devil May Cry 5 - Слэшер которым можно 1 day ago   28:33

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AJ & OJ are extremely excited Capcom is returning to the original DMC timeline and continuing the legendary franchises story! How does it stack up after all this time? Find out!
*Disclaimer* AngryJoe is working w/ Publisher of DMC5 Capcom on a separate project Street Fighter: The Miniatures Game found Here: - This review however is a fully independent Review, no review copy or discussions were had regarding DMC5!
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Did they legit purchase the licensed collectors jackets that cost thousands of dollars?
What juice is that they were drinking
BillyInOhio Vapes
Anybody know the metal band at the beginning? Is that Upon a Burning Body.
Bryan C.
DMC is Dark Souls for children..
Dhruvo DZ
Cant wait for ur sekiro review!
Gabriel David
What you think about Vergil? In video you don't say anything about him!
Dark Surge
But the boss gauntlet is different cuz ur playing against bosses with V he didn't face thos bosses so now u have to reply the bosses but with whole different play style and crippled play style with v cuz u don't get all his pets till the last one
Gosh this dude is so cringey
alonso rodriguez
“Angry army” fucking stupid
Michael Jacobs
The bosses seem weaker in the boss gauntlet though. It seems like they take way more damage than they did the first time you encounter them. Unless V is just stronger than Nero.
Joe give me back my arm!!!
Diego Viveros
Unfortunately DMC5 sucks ass half of the game, after the high level combat of Bayonetta nothing in the game tops what Platinum Games did, maybe a little bit the Nero section's. It feels like a ps3 game with better graphics 6/10
Dude! That T-Shirt is disgusting (UK slang for beautiful) I want 10
A million orbs only takes you like 2 hours playing with Dante
Gergar Fritz
Review Division 2.
Bahadir Aslankok
Facial expressions guys1 Give them attention!
Kid didn’t even play the game
Capcom has redeemed itself, and showed companies like EA how to please gamers and sell well. Tbh, I wasn't a fan of God of War 4 with its simple gameplay (that wishes it was a From Software game), trend chasing, and bog standard jaded old man finds redemption through the innocence of a child cliche in modern games. This game had the best action gameplay and bosses I've experienced (right beside DMC3 and the Yakuza series), and the story balances fun, campy, epic, and intense all at the same time. It knows how to have fun, while also knowing when to take itself seriously (much like the aforementioned amazing Yakuza series). This game brought me back to a time where games were more focused on being extremely fun games rather than proving to the mainstream that games can be high art. This was a huge breath of fresh air from an industry being oversaturated with overly cinematic trend chasing and pretentious stories. Damn near perfect game for me.
There is true cooperative play in two missions - Mission 7 and 13. Mission 13 is the one you want to play - it's so much fun with coop! There's also hints at coop in the files for Bloody Palace! Can't wait!
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Devil May Cry 5 - Слэшер которым можно Devil May Cry 5 Angry Review 1 day ago   18:33

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