04 Crusades: The Investiture Controversy King William I "The Conqueror" 2 months ago   06:56

The 1074 a conflict called “Investiture Controversy” erupted. The Emperor and the Pope argued over who had the right to appoint or “vest” the Bishops. Pope Gregory VII excommunicated the Emperor Henry IV. Henry the IV was forced to apologize to the Pope, thus demonstrating the supremacy of the Pope in the Western world.

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niewidzialna TV
Same thing happening to president of Argentina now, he also pleads the pope for help in his crisis but the pope dont care.
Ah-Li Fenika
umm... KEFE
Alanna Moss
Helped so much thank you!
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King William I "The Conqueror" 04 Crusades: The Investiture Controversy 2 months ago   07:08

Episode 1 of the Channel Five series Kings & Queens, which looks at the life and reign of William I of England also known as "The Conqueror".

The series looks at key monarchs in the history of England and gives some simplified facts about their reigns. This is a good series for those who have little prior knowledge of English History.