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Having been to the border several times and understanding the problems that need to be solved to secure the border, we are looking forward to hearing what President Trump has to say to the nation tonight about border security.

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You are about as dumb and stupid as a dog chasing it's own tell. Why dont you get in a plane and go to Cancun mexicos
Puerto vallarta mexico
Mexico city
Go travel visit the beach eat have some joy in your life instead of being a depressive have/witt thinking about a stupid idiots trumps wall, build one around your own house se how you like that.
You are a beautiful women why on earth are you wasting your life on stupidity??
Let me tell you something I m a white man from Missouri raised with all the stupidity small town ignorant stereotypes bullshit. 2 years ago I saved money and decided to travel so I went to Mexico travel to
mexico city
And alot off other places in that beautiful country and you know what I found out that the United states media cnn,fox news, and the rest of this media radio AM coward idiots are Lying to us all in the states not only lying but brainwashing us, everything they say about mexico is a god dam lie it's actually 10 times more beautiful then the united states the people are super friendly they say hello when you walk on the street people eat out talk everyone looks incredibly happy wich shoked me couse in the US everyone is rotten mad, rude mean and instead of saying hello they say fuck you.
Another thing I found out and you wont hear this on fox news or cnn
Is mexicans are not crossing the border anymore since the mexicans voted out all the united states jackals out of power in mexico people are staying in mexico what you see know are central Americans
Guatemalans crossing the mexican border to try to get to the usa and that's a fact. And this is gonna seem strange to you but I think this fucking evil bastard DONALD TRUMP and his cronies are encouraging organizing this caravans to cross mexico to try to destablelise mexico beacuse the new president and party is not going to be the united states monkey boy anymore they are not selling out there own people anymore this are new mexicans new president with love for his people mexico is going to become a first world country it's on it's way now I saw the change in mexico.
All this being said I ll make you a proposition and a bet I bet you that if you travel mexico associate with the people experience real mexico you will fall in love it will change your soul it will kill the hate you have in your heart and opend your mind it did me and I will never go back to being stupid close minded and let decevers deciev me ever
Again good luck wish you well pretty women
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GOP Debate: The Worst 9 Minutes of Marco Tea Party Patriots Border Crossing 1 day ago   08:37

Marco Rubio gets called out for repeating himself at GOP Debate.