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| NEWS GANG | Noordin Gets Queen's Counsel to Fixed Bigwigs #NewsGang #QueensCounsel

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tecnalite experts
Yvonne is funny
Neuner Frau
That Rogue criminal woman shld be jailed. Imgn that's kenya where no one resigns even after knowing the crimes thy hv done. In countries where system works that woman and others like her shld hv bn dealt with accordingly.
In Kenya thy Still remain in fffce bcz they are criminals /Mafias /
Abdulaziz Mohamed Yusuf
They are potraying the dpp in bad light as always the media is influencing the judges
Michael Heery
Kenyans afraid of LAW..
joni Naymash Mwakesho
The journalists are typical novices in matters, law. The DPP is mandated under the Constitution to seek professional help to prosecute any case on his behalf. The parochial argument that the political angle arising from the 2017 presidential petition about the 'revisit' phrase. It's nonsense talk it appears it's intended to intimidate the DPP and persuade the DPP to avoid touching certain figures in the Judiciary. The media is trying to impute wrong motive and influence the way the judges determine matters that come before them. All Kenyan and media included should avoid trying to characterize the DDP's function using the street narrative the media and the lawyers to paint the DPP in bad taste. We should allow the independent Constitutional institutions to function in line with the law.
newton kulla
The dpps office is fumbling,who is this pushing for dcj to be convicted.
Charles Otieno
This colonizers should be shot in the head at jkia. Queen my foot! Indian beauraucracy is legendary and is as a result of a similar inferiority complex.
Junior Sahal IbnuOtho Guish
hata watuite international debtors kkkkkk
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'You'll run, but you cannot hide' | NEWS GANG | Noordin Opts 1 day ago   20:26

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