iPad OS Impressions: They Listened! NEW SERVER! 150TB server install 1 month ago   08:01

Marques Brownlee
iPad OS (aka iOS 13 for iPad) wholly upgrades my verdict on iPad Pro as a product. And I DIDN'T EVEN MENTION MOUSE SUPPORT! Favorite software update of the year.

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CJ Jackson
Once iOS 13 beta is downloaded and the final iOS 13 is released, can you download it and be taking out of beta or will you need to uninstall the iOS 13 beta first?
Ron Bar
I need a notebook app from apple!!!
my note 9 can do all that
William Larsson
As a lifelong PC + Android user.. I'm actually considering a Mac + iPad for creative uses..
I am a professional musician. I started reading my orchestral music off an iPad Pro a year ago. Works great!!!
Imran Ansari
After watching this i am satisfied now i will gonna buy ipad pro 11 512gb for my studies
Kim Guo
can you do high school coding on ipad
Vivek Ekkirala
Wait, so is iPados (iOS 13 for IPad) out or is it still in beta? If it is still in beta, when is it getting released?
Jesse Abraham
Where can I get this iPad OS
Kats Lasala
saw a video that he sold his ipad pro for a tab s4 cuz of samsung dex... pray forr himmm OMGG
You could litteraly take 10 year old Honeycomb tablet and say pretty much 80% same things.
Create art For fun
I like your marble iPad skin . Where did you get it ?
Cliff Dodson
Does this update work on the 2nd gen iPad.
sooo does it replace my macbook yet? if not, how many more updates till they add finder!! Dx
Hayden Knapps
Is iOS13 live? I just got my device & updated it, but the home screen isn’t the same.
The Clickbaiter
Who has a ipad but is watching on a samsung device?
solarlola 9
Android has been using widgets for centuries
Davie Chen
The new public beta (v3) is dope!
Zeb Byrd
Will these features in the new ipadOS be available for 1st Gen iPad Pro models?
Mátyás Tóth
Hey! Do you think it's good for uni students whose main activities are definitely reading and writing stuff, maybe manage files? I am planning to ditch my old MacBook Pro for an iPad Pro. My only fear is not being able to use it for essay writing (multiple pages and docs opened and typing 2-3 thousands of words). Please let me know your thoughts :)
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NEW SERVER! 150TB server install iPad OS Impressions: They Listened! 1 month ago   14:36

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