Mini Helicopter flying round NINCO AIR- Nano2 & Nano2 5 months ago   04:46

Mini Helicopter flying round our holiday home. Nanocopter Quingsong QS-5010.

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i made a copper and aluminum pipe battery that cant spill liquid and give 3 amps short circute
you should make a rechargeable battery using aluminum and copper and salt water.
anthony belcher
Lovely helicopter
Amazing flying man
MC's Creations
Really nice little helicopter, Grandad! 😊
I have a little one, much simpler, but it's impossible to control. LOL
Myra Madd
How do you do that? I tried an RC Chopper.. Three things happened.. Shot straight up and crashed. Then Shot across the room and skidded across the floor.... Then inadvertantly chased my great nephew with it, not knowing how to make it stop.. He was yelling, "You ARE trying to kill me!"
This vid has got me wanting to repair the little Syma thing that's been dead for years. It flew like this one and I prefer them to quads for indoors.
Nice flying squire.
Where you buy it grandad?
Nice flying grandad! I used to have a couple little helis like this. Fun little flyers.
My Kites.
Well controlled helicopter. And nice house
My Kites.
This time FIRST like. Grandad
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NINCO AIR- Nano2 & Nano2 Mini Helicopter flying round 5 months ago   04:30

Te facilitamos todo lo que tienes que saber antes de empezar a volar tu drone Nano 2 & Nano 2 CAM!