Live: Theresa May takes part Labour MP David Lammy lays 2 days ago   39:17

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Theresa May takes part in Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.

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We need to try we need to ensure: Do it! No talks but money vs crime police numbers up not down.

Same goes on poverty. Indeed tackle fraudsters but don't penalise people that fall on hard times and try their best to go back to work. And don't penalise the sick who are unable to do so.
Nobby Heads
Carnt wait till Nigel and Tommy are running this place!
not a mention by anyone in that place about t may giving away the british armed forces, or the deal that lets germany build 4,000 tanks, that will be given away to the germans along with our army, or the 2 aircraft carriers that are going to france along with the Polaris program along with all the nuclear weapons and our royal navy, what is the game they are playing at our expense? these traitors need hanging in public on tower bridge.
Bilal Khalid
ITV are allowing comments... YES!😜😂
MenGoToMay Come and die with Mrs May
We be the infamous Theresa May's Munchkins

Maybe u heard of us, this merry bunch is adept at conflicts, beware
As we come up into ur street with enough pamphlets to share
For all those, who wanna voice their concerns.
Might just send them down the steps with the firehouse, prissy little upstarts over popullist oafs
All the haters be feeling like they just short of a dozen.

(To the Shook ones rap)
carolyn shaw
At last the parliament is talking about whats really important the country and it true problems. What it really shows is how little the prime minister knows about what is really happening in the country and unwilling to come up with true solutions
Jitendra kumar Prasad
Samuel Aubrey
she's a horrible vile women, really the worst of the worst. Hopefully she just falls ill or gets hit by a car or train perhaps :) the country truly hates her yet she clings on to power
Patrick A. Crawley
Why do they bother?
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Labour MP David Lammy lays Live: Theresa May takes part 2 days ago   10:09

David Lammy tells Sky News his party has an "open goal" on Brexit and should back a second referendum.

He jokes that Jeremy Corbyn is "moving the goalposts" on the issue.

Mr Lammy says there is "no point continuing with votes of confidence" in Theresa May as it is unlikely to be successful.

He claims that the party could end up splitting over Mr Corbyn's refusal to back another referendum.

Watch the full interview here.