Hank Azaria Breaks Down Jeff Goldblum Breaks Down 2 days ago   13:16

Hank Azaria breaks down his most iconic voices and movie roles, from 'Heat' to 'The Simpsons'. All of his characters are based on friends. Like Al Pacino. Hank stars in Brockmire, airing on IFC.

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Hank Azaria Breaks Down His Iconic Simpsons Voices and Movie Roles | GQ

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Lou Lou
Does anybody else always get him and Tom Kenny mixed up???
Jacob Mann
I see 5 ad marks. Good thing I have ad block
King Ace Hernandez
I when he does the voice of apu
Eric Enriquez
I do a mean Krusty Laugh XD!
Tyler Bugica
3:08 Sounds like Corey taylor
Cory McGilvra
The part Godzilla 1998 fans were waiting for... 7:08
My biggest celebrity crush, so talented!
Katie C
I want to know more about the guy who inspired comic book guy! 😄
Alan attack
Moe, god bless poor little Moe.
Mark Edwards
Peter Campbell
Comic Guy sounds like Victor Meldrew 😂
Peter Campbell
Loved his Boris Karloff impression in NOTM 2! 😁👍
He was great in die hard 3
Hank is such a cutie thanks now I have a crush on a guy almost my dads age lmao. He has such a nice smile and personality :)
I liked Godzilla lol. LONG LIVE ANIMAL lol
I didn't know he did that much. Legend.
Maddie Edwards
I was waiting for him to talk about his role as the guy in the zoo on the episode of "Friends" where Ross goes to see Marcel and then when they actually got to "Friends", I realized that the guy in the zoo was Dan Cas (I can't spell the rest of his last name, I apologize) and at the same time, remembered that Hank was the scientist guy that Phoebe dated! I also loved him in the second "Night at the Museum" movie!
Heat was amazing
Sam Xx
I legit thought he was Hispanic because of the birdcage...
Roger Furlong
Loved you on Ray Donovan sir
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Jeff Goldblum Breaks Down Hank Azaria Breaks Down 2 days ago   10:17

Jeff Goldblum reflects on his legendary career. Jeff has acted in more than 60 movies, including "Annie Hall," "The Fly," "Jurassic Park," "Independence Day," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Thor: Ragnarok," and "Isle of Dogs." "Isle of Dogs" is in theaters now.

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Jeff Goldblum Breaks Down His Career, From “Jurassic Park” to “Isle of Dogs” | Vanity Fair