Taytum and Oakley MEET THEIR Nickelodeon Famous Stars Before 2 days ago   11:18

Kyler and Mad
Taytum and Oakley were much cuter than we could have ever imagined they would be in this video with their new sister!

TAYTUM AND OAKLEY PLAY! ---- https://bit.ly/2NOYNO1

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Kyler and Mad
Do you think the girls will be good big sisters? Comment below.
ajay bhatt
I’m crying tears of joy 😂
ajay bhatt
I’m happy for the girls they are going to be the best big sisters ever
They have so much love to give baby halston
do you now berent
Mira Mansour
That was soooo. cuttteee I can’t ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍
Lainey Downes
I think the girls will be a good mom and sister
Gerda Z
So cute
annmarie moreno
Doesn't get any cuter than this! Taytum+Oakley +Halston= CUTENESS OVERLOAD💗💗💗
Eimear O'Neill
I died with cutness watching this. Tadum and Oakley will be such good big sisters😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
It’s sooooo cute 💖😆
Viejo Lesbiano
I’m crying!! This is everything😭🥰
Mechanical Games
I think you should make baby halston float cause you tried it but Kyler was just holding her and Madison really wanted the experiment to work like the house from up flouts
Trash Boat
now that i think. i dont like ur vids because halston is just taking over the attention of the twins. the twins are cuter than that halston DISGRACE
Mary Chrysler
Ok seriously when Madison gave baby halston to Taytum and Oakley I started crying cause it was the cutest thing ever, they’re gonna be such great big sisters and I can’t wait to see the rest of this wonderful journey!! Love you guys!! 💘😭
CarlyXF_ 9
Should really go to bed but really wanted to watch this
mila soy
god I´m crying
supreme kid world
Kylis Haywood
Mad said “she came out to play with them”
Eysia's Toy Review and play
That was so cute they both looked at their mommy stomach and then looked at the baby
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