Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan Joe Rogan | The Latest on DC vs. Brock Lesnar 1 day ago   05:11

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Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub:

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He would do it if Mcgregor told him to.
Damn, Joe Rogan is aging fast. Hope it's not drugs. That fight was the best so far. Still want to see Gastelum vs Whittaker though.
The movie staytion
Stylebender same height as John Jones he to small for middle wight no he no he to big he just got extra couple pounds off extra
'Stylebender's face looks like he was allergic to shellfish' - Brendan Schaub (2019).
Black Vitriol
Style Bender Beat his ass. Nothing the "White Boy defender "Brenden Schaub says is going to change this . Beat him solidly.
All the jokes about what his face looks like are irrelevant and not even funny.
When you lose your stock DOES GO DOWN!
Ray Lop
I want StyleBender VS M.V.P
Omaree Sloan
Total chaos ..which I love ..!!!
Ryan Cunningham
Isreal's only 2 losses in his career are from being knocked out cold if I'm not mistaken. Both were in kick boxing as a result of a single right hook both times. Exactly what gastellum hit him with. I look forward to seeing more of isreal. He is my favorite fighter atm. Does more damage with feints and reads than actual physical punishment. It's fun to watch.
Caesar Georges
Rogan sucks
Caesar Georges
Rogan one of the best fights of all time guy wtf
Ekan Akpan
Brendan got knocked out by noguirra and looked like he was climbing rope from his back
I dont think stylebender could make 170 easily, he just doesn't blow up and put on lots of weight between fights like most other fighters. the guy i 193cm tall ffs, he'd be a stick at 170
Joe Gama
I hope DC was taking notes his and Jones fighting style are similar enough to where he could utilize some of what Gestelum did to neutralize style benders fighting style.
Matthew McDaniel
I can't be the only one who wants to see Till vs Adesanya.??
Warren Roach
Settle the fuck down joe rob going to sorthim right out
Bro yoel romero is a fuckin midget... yes he looks jacked but hes fuckin tiny
Layland Dawson
stylebender grew up fighting 220lb islanders in South Auckland so I can imagine he'd be able to take headshots
Jon would absolutely destroy Style Bender.
336nc benzo
This how i feel about weight classes if your a grown man who weighs under 150 u shouldn't even be fighting. Every 15lbs should go up in weight class
Tekena Amakiri
Joe "and they were dry" Rogan.
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Joe Rogan | The Latest on DC vs. Brock Lesnar Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan 1 day ago   06:17

Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub: