Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan Joe Rogan & Brendan Schaub - DC vs. Jon Jones 1 day ago   05:11

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Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub:

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Bro yoel romero is a fuckin midget... yes he looks jacked but hes fuckin tiny
Layland Dawson
stylebender grew up fighting 220lb islanders in South Auckland so I can imagine he'd be able to take headshots
Jon would absolutely destroy Style Bender.
336nc benzo
This how i feel about weight classes if your a grown man who weighs under 150 u shouldn't even be fighting. Every 15lbs should go up in weight class
Tekena Amakiri
Joe "and they were dry" Rogan.
I didn't know Joe knew Paulie D
King Flacko
Style bender showed the levels he can go to. Hes alot better in orthodox tho lol every time he goes south paw he gets hit with big shots
Luke Mehalick
Sorry for saying this & I'm sure tons of you will get offended or whatever, but not super impressed with style bender. I mean, he'd kick my ass, but I don't know. Just didn't look like an elite fighter to me. I guess time will tell when he fights Whittaker. I'm just really hoping Whittaker is healthy & doesn't break any bones Immediately when that fight happens.
Bry Ba
You don't need another weight class, just make weigh-ins 24 hours before the fight. This would be crucial to most fighters because they would need to fight closer to their normal weight because they wouldn't have enough time to recover from weight loss.
Umm everyone is giving kelvin credit when Israel has won and dropped him 5 times 👀 hmmmmm
Rogan looks high as f...
James Adam
Joe "of all time" Rogan
Who runs 20 miles a day?! That’s a marathon!
Yeah we dont want people having to cut or bulk, so lets have a belt for every pound
Reaper vs stylebender who wins?
Alex Carvalho
I usually lose 2 or 3 pounds just to sleep from one day to another .... 5 ponds are just 2 kilos is nothing.
some ppl take a shit and loses 5 ponds in shit hole.
to exist 165 there must not be 170 but 175
Since Adesanya stood up against Brendan, Brendan is his bitch.
Excellent observation of Israel's face. Kelvin is one tough ombre
Hugo Souza
Adesanya got attack by bees lol
The Sauce Whisperer
Brendan Schaub has a tattoo on his arm that says “I’m with gay”
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Joe Rogan & Brendan Schaub - DC vs. Jon Jones Joe Rogan Recaps Stylebender/Gastelum w/Brendan 1 day ago   05:30

Taken from JRE MMA Show #56: